Who The Hell Is John Brown To Question Other People’s Professionalism?

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John Brown. Again.

This guy … does he never get tired making a fool of himself and the club? Today I hear he’s been questioning the professionalism of the Motherwell team, because, in his view – his twisted, one-dimensional, bitter view – they only raise their game against his club.

“You’ve got to question that,” he said when looking over how tight the games were between the clubs this season, especially in relation to the doings Motherwell took from other teams.

Is this guy for real, or what?

I know t here’s genuine disbelief at Ibrox that they didn’t roll over their opponents like an Express Train at the weekend, that everyone expected Mourinho Miniature to put out a team which played with the verve and of Barcelona and that it was a shock to the when the other team was having none of it, but his comments are barking.

Motherwell gave us the single biggest fright of our lives this year. They were excellent for long periods of that game at Fir Park, and had the lead for much of the match. I’m sorry his own club haven’t been able to comprehensively smash them, but they’ve not managed to smash Hearts or Aberdeen or a host of other clubs this season either; does everybody raise their game against them, or is it as simple as we’ve all been saying; they just aren’t very good?

does this a lot. He’s very at questioning what goes on elsewhere, but we must give him his due for also taking an interest at events at Ibrox. If we’re being fair to him – and we must – we need to give him credit for sussing out Charles Green when most of their fans were still in love with the guy and the media was stuck to his backside like a piece of wet bog roll.

I’ll tell you though, when comes across as the smartest guy in the group then that’s probably not for the rest of it.

Who the Hell does he think he is anyway?

This is a guy who was all over the papers yesterday telling us about the time he threatened to attack one of his own team-mates.

He’s a goon, a thug, a in a bad fitting suit.

The implication in what he’s saying today is pretty easy to grasp; he’s suggesting that Motherwell players hate his club enough that it’s the only games they try in. This would be bad enough if he was just another fringe idiot, but this guy has applied for a job on the new manager’s coaching team and he is, of course, a “club ambassador.”

This is another reason that, much as I love Brendan, he’s not going to get me on board with this “kiss and make up” suggestion of his. These two clubs are fundamentally incompatible, and that just can’t be denied, it’s just a straight up fact. As long as it continues to people like there’s more that can be said on the subject.

I don’t know if Motherwell will respond to this; I hope they do though, because this guy might well end up on the coaching staff at Ibrox, so this kind of thing crosses all kinds of lines, and the Fir Park men shouldn’t let it slide.

Too often, people at Sevco think they can do this kind of thing with impunity, because the rest of the clubs will bow down and allow it.

They should be dissuaded of that very stupid notion.

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