Celtic’s Invincibles Conquered All And Did It Clean, And The Record Can’t Take It.

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Some interesting have surfaced today; the discipline stats from the season. I don’t normally quote, with full credit, The Daily Record, and I’m not going to start now; they titled their article on this in relation to who was the “dirtiest team” in the league. You had to read the thing to find out which club had the best discipline record.

And it was us. Of course it was.

So apart from being unconquerable, we deserve immense credit having done it clean. You’d think we would get that. But no, of course not. In fact, The Record still felt it had to have a dig, it had to take a shot at us, as weak as it was, as cheap as it was. They credited us with two red cards in the domestic campaign, but they put an asterix beside it, to make it clear that ’s red card, which was, of course, rescinded, still sticks in their craw.

Other clubs had cards rescinded during this campaign. Where the Hell are the asterix next to those? Nowhere. Of course. Because of those mattered. None of those bothered the commentariat. None of them got under the skin of the hacks like Scott’s did.

I don’t know why they didn’t put another one next to the yellows the Simunovic tackle, which a lot of them wrote up like it was an assault in the street. Or perhaps the asterix next to the 2 suggests that it should have been a red as well. Who knows how their minds work over there? It bothers me to see this kind of crap. We never get a break from these people and their constant bitching, their constant sniping, their constant digging crap up.

It gets ridiculous at times.

We have gone through a league campaign unbeaten, and we’ve done it playing football. Good football. Clean football. We’ve shown other clubs respect and played fair. They want to devalue the unbeaten campaign and now they’re taking shots at the discipline record as well.

Pitiful. Small minded. Petty.

And ineffectual. Because in the end one thing counts; we did it.

They are really struggling with it.


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