Dave King Met Regan, “Informally”, Last Week To Discuss “General Topics”. Like What, Exactly?

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So Dave King was in Glasgow after all, sandwiched between two matches where we cleaned his new manager’s clock. He was here not on business, but for a court appointment. How does he find room in his diary for all of them?

He had been due to appear as a witness in the trial. Apparently the media were kept out of the loop on that one, as interest in that would have been too intense. Really? More intense than that for David Murray, who’s barmy testimony, full of feigns and evasions and half-truths made for a very interesting week?

When he found out he wasn’t needed, he flew home.

But before he did, he found time for a meeting. And the person he was meeting carved out time in his own busy to make sure that he could make it. The meeting was with Stewart Regan. The topics under discussion? Just “general stuff.” Of course it was. An informal chat between a convicted crook and the head of the SFA. At a time when the club needs a European license and doesn’t qualify for it. In the same week it was waived through anyway.

Just general chit-chat, then. Like about the weather.

Honestly, the press content to accept that? Are the clubs? A cosy wee one-on-one between a guy the SFA might have to find itself investigating soon? A nice wee discussion, presumably without notes or perhaps even witnesses, when major issues are up in the air? Are just willing to be bent like this, or what?

It’s impossible to accept that this was just “general” stuff. With so much looming, the talks should have been meaty and substantive or neither man is doing his job. But if those talks were consequential then the idea of having the discussion informally, thus “off the record” is absolute nonsense and morally outrageous.

Can anything that smells so fishy be something other than fish?

Don’t these people have any idea how much this stuff reeks? Don’t they care about appearances? they now at the point where they no longer give a damn what anyone thinks? I’ve said this repeatedly and I will say it again; this stuff can only happen if the allow it to.

The media is not going to give the proper level of scrutiny to these people, so it’s down to the chairmen and those in the boardrooms up and down the country.

It is time they stopped messing about and got answers.

It’s time they started driving real reform and not leaving it up to the people who have let us down every step of the way so far.

If they don’t then bloody mend them.

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