Pitiful Sevco Fans Wet Their Pants Over Tweets From A Tattooed Goon

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Over on SevcoMedia, even as I write this, there are two hilarious threads going. In one, Kyle Lafferty has been spotted at Glasgow Airport, which has convinced some of them – to general happiness – that he is returning to the ground he left so quickly you’d have thought it was on fire. At the press conference afterwards he was quite clear that he believed the club he had signed for was dead and gone, and he had no wish to play in the NewCo version of it.

The other thread is even crazier. It stands at 20 pages long now, and it’s about the relative merits of Vladimir Weiss; remember him? He was at Ibrox a single season, on loan, and became one of the Peepul. He frequently tweets about them, and has shown himself up on several occasions as a bigot and a goon. The thread on him started with a cryptic tweet which said simply “So I might be coming back.” Which could mean anything, really.

But that was enough to spark idiocy on a grand scale, when, actually, all these muppets had to do was look at the newspapers and the quality of footballer the club is scrabbling around after here in Scotland; Motherwell players, out of contract guys from Hearts and Aberdeen. If that wasn’t enough to clue them in – i.e. your club is skint – they only had to listen to the manager himself, who’s sort of in a position to know, who knocked this on the head early when he said the club could afford neither his wages nor his transfer fee.

Over in Doha Caixinha had money to spend. He doesn’t here.

Sevco fans are obsessed with bling. That’s what a signing like this would be, even if they were able to make it. It’s why so many of them are wetting their pants over it, why so many of them would forgive Lafferty or Naismith or Whittaker for walking out on Rangers … these are all names that are being linked with them at the moment. These guys represent the past, as does Weiss, the one where the OldCo could over-extend and get away with it. Those days are gone.

But that bling thing has haunted them regardless; the signings of low-rent SPL players for their third division campaign was about bling. The signings all the way through the fabled “Journey” were about bling. The signings of Barton and Kranjcar and Senderos were sheer bling … and one of them will still be at the club next season, wasting more of their dough.

I half hope they get Weiss. These people are fantasists, and the player himself is an arrogant tosser who thinks Scottish football is a joke. He played one good game in a five if memory serves me correctly, in a decent Rangers side that had good players around him. Put him in this Sevco side, with geniuses like Holt and a lazy, unfit Kranjcar and watch what happens. Let him feed a 38 year old Kenny Miller. It will be hilarious.

Not as hilarious as the reaction of their fans though, who already believe in next season’s challenge although there has been not one signing and not one departure from their list of available players. What some of them don’t realise is that the entire Sevco first team has effectively been for sale since the day King walked in the door.

More on that later.

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