Sevco Fans Invade The Pitch As Manager Of The Year “Contender” Archibald Blows It Again

Image for Sevco Fans Invade The Pitch As Manager Of The Year “Contender” Archibald Blows It Again

Alan Archibald for the manager of the year. Uhuh.

I know he’ll get votes. On the back of today he may even get more. There should be a special prize for blowing two home leads to the same team in the last few minutes of games, I think. Otherwise, what are end of season awards for?

Like I said, if someone other than Brendan gets the gong then everyone involved should hang their heads in shame, because the contest is a rigged joke.

That today was an embarrassment.

For both sides.

Thistle for dropping any points at all to a team that didn’t register a shot on target until McKay equalised with seven minutes to go, and Sevco for … well, everything really. They are dire. So very, very dire. Results like that are good for us, because they paper over gaping holes. Caixinha has bought himself time. That’s all to the good.

You want this guy to bring in a half dozen low-rent jokers to augment this team which is already full of them.

Too many bad days and he won’t last till the summer.

But be under no illusions; if you missed this you are better off.

Sevco has evolved, under Caixinha, to a long-ball game which wouldn’t threaten public park teams. But it was good enough to completely evade the understanding of the Thistle boss, whose place on the manager of the year shortlist along with serial failure Derek McInnes and Jim Duffy, just became laughable.

Sevco’s manager, and their fans, celebrated that like it was a cup winning goal.

I’m not kidding.

They behaved like people who’s team had just achieved something monumental.

Honestly, if you get a chance to watch the scenes following the goal please do it; they are eye opening, in particular how easy it was for their supporters to get on the pitch for the second week in a row … I’d say questions need to be asked about that, but hey, this is Scotland where the Association doesn’t even condemn racism.

And there was plenty of the anti-Irish and anti-Catholic sectarianism we’re all depressingly used to in the stands, of course, along with a lot of what I can only presume were working class Tories who seemed almost proud of their own incomprehensible social and political ignorance.

Word’s don’t fail me, it’s just that the ones I really want to use aren’t suitable for this blog.

That’s two hours of my life that could have been spent lounging in the sun, or supping ice cold beer, or sitting having a nice lunch with my family or friends. Instead I watched that. It was dire. It was awful. It had a cringe-worthy ending. But it was instructive nonetheless.

Sevco are mince.

They deserved exactly nothing today, and they are lucky they occasionally come up against teams that are much worse than that.

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