Kenny Miller Doesn’t Believe That Nonsense He Talks. Pedro Should Be Watching His Back.

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Kenny Miller thinks Sevco can “do a Celtic” and transform their fortunes in a single summer. He thinks that a couple of signings are all it will take to turn their band of misfits and journeymen into a top class, title winning, team.

I’ll have a pint of whatever he’s drinking, please, bar man.

Today his were dreadful against a ten man Hearts team. They won 2-1 but it was a nerve-jangling performance from them which should have seen the men from Edinburgh take something from the game. They are awful.

Their needs at least five major signings, on the Scott Sinclair level, before we should be even slightly concerned. Miller thinks it will take two. If the signings are Messi and then maybe he’ll be onto something. Otherwise he’s dreaming.

Miller is the loudest person at Ibrox right now, and his arrogance is astounding. The level of delusion he is labouring under to believe that his is only two players away from challenging us is unreal, but I get the impression we’re not the audience he’s shooting for. I said on Friday that this guy is one of the Ibrox dressing room moles, and it’s clearly the case, but it’s also clear that he isn’t pitching this stuff for the sake of it.

Miller is telling the world that the right manager can turn this around. He’s challenging Caixinha to prove that he’s that man, and if not then he’s making his own case, in public, to the board. His is transparent. He is obviously at it.

This is Sevco’s problem, and it’s a big one. The manager does himself no favours with his terrible tactical decisions and the nonsense that comes out of his mouth, but there’s clearly a problem with Miller and the dressing room as a whole. Caixinha has lost the thread of this already. He is being undermined inside and outside the club.

Sevco is a mess, and Miller is stirring the soup.

The dressing room has a new leader.

Long may he reign.

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