Date: 5th May 2017 at 3:54pm
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Aaaah The Daily Record.

Do I need to give you guys the low-down on what a scummy publication that is?

Of course I don’t.

Any Celtic supporter who continues to buy it contributing to the salaries of the people who spend all day every day ignoring news stories, making up lies, smearing Celtic and trying their damndest to find a negative for every positive we write.

Today there’s a piece up from their “new Sevco blogger”; isn’t it amazing how many of them find work at that joke of a publication?

And of course, you don’t have to look far back into the memory hole to find that some of his views are pretty goddamned disgusting.

Amongst what I’m sure is much more:

He has tweeted slanderous comments about child abuse allegations.

He has joked about the Irish potato famine.

And he has asked if he can attend a party when Neil Lennon dies.

He’s also one of the proponents of the “Lennon brings this on himself” shite.

He has referred to Celtic fans as “the filth.”

I really don’t know what more needs to be said here.

He is disavowing these comments, blaming his “youth” at the time.

One of them isn’t actually that old; indeed the earliest is only six years ago.

Has he had a complete mind-state change since then?

I would suggest not, since the one which calls our fans “the filth” was actually written today

Some people learn to hide their views, especially when they enter a career trajectory … he’s not even trying that hard.

If we’re dedicated to erasing this kind of stuff from Scottish football – some of us are more dedicated than others – then the media has to take some responsibility.

I’ve always said that you should judge a newspaper by the people who’s contribution s it accepts.

One that had Jim Traynor in a key position and which still employs Keith Jackson is probably not exactly a sterling publication.

But this is like having Kelvin McKenzie or Kate Hopkins on the books and if The Record is content with that then great … but that paper has been aiming for the gutter for years now and this is the second time in only a few months that one of its writers has been revealed as a bigot … and guess what the common denominator is?

That club has a serious problem.

That paper seems to want to make it its own.