The Sevco Fan Who Legally Changed His Name To Clint Hill Isn’t A “Legend.” He’s A Halfwit.

Image for The Sevco Fan Who Legally Changed His Name To Clint Hill Isn’t A “Legend.” He’s A Halfwit.

The Daily Record is carrying one of its Sevco “feel good” stories today, and as per usual it’s revealing in every way.

It reveals just how thick some of their supporters actually are, and is a measure of just how far the club they follow is from the one they believe it to be.

The story of the day is that of the Sevco fan who has paid £40 to legally change his name to Clint Hill, to honour the 38 year old who played a single season for them.

There was a time when idiots like this got “McOist” tattoos, spelling mistakes and all, in honour of money grubbers who at least contributed something to the history of the OldCo and helped the NewCo into ruinous debt.

Many named their kids after their “nine in a row heroes” as if Gascoigne and the like were really the kind of role models you wanted them growing up to emulate.

Now they do this.

Because this is where they are now.

Somewhere, out there, there is undoubtedly a kid named David Murray Sandaza Kyle Ferguson Wallace. I pity that poor sod. I do not pity his parents and whatever squalid existence they manage to eke out on the margins of society. You need a license to keep a dog and you can go to jail for mistreating one. But you need no qualifications to slap a dumb name on a kid, to raise him or her with the most appalling ideas and to cripple the poor sod for life with the detritus of your own stupidity and warped sense of values.

The guy today at least gets credit for not inflicting his mindlessness on another human being, but that’s about all the positives he’s allowed.

The Record says he’s been hailed as “a legend” for this act of epochal dumbness.

I think they’ve misspelled the word “halfwit” because that’s what he is.

Hill’s sole achievement of note was a last minute equaliser against us at Celtic Park, in a game where there was nothing at stake, when the league was already sealed and delivered.

Their fans famously celebrated it as if they’d won a major honour.

Is this what gets you into the Sevco Hall of Fame these days?

When they publish the first Official History of the Club does that goal get him a spot on the cover?

How desperate are these people for heroes at the moment?

He couldn’t have changed his name to Kenny Miller instead?

Perhaps he was worried about being arrested in a case of mistaken identity.

Just when you think these people can’t get any stupider ….

It’s breath-taking how wrong you can be.

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