Barmy Sevco Fan Site Screams Timspiracy As UEFA Website Issues Them The “Wrong” Club Crest

Image for Barmy Sevco Fan Site Screams Timspiracy As UEFA Website Issues Them The “Wrong” Club Crest

You know that barmy Sevco fan site I sometimes write about here?

They are at it again today, moaning because UEFA’s official website has snubbed their “official” club crest in a graphic representation of the clubs taking part (I will not use the word “competing”, as they used it in a previous article) in this year’s Europa League.

The blue, white and red logo of is not there on the graphic; instead is the entwined RFC logo you see on their second-rate jersey.

And this is being questioned.

Is it an accident?

Is it a conspiracy?

Is it worse than that? Is it a Timspiracy?

Is the once more pulling strings at UEFA, to undermine their cause?

Let me tell you, if the really was making UEFA dance like a puppet on a string a certain five year old club without wouldn’t be taking part in this year’s competition at all, far less with a different logo. But try telling these morons that; you don’t get far.

Perhaps, and this is just me, it’s UEFA reacting to Truth.

Which is that the club which wore the “real” badge no longer exists.

Is this UEFA acknowledging that fact?

Is this their way of reminding the club that whilst it wears the name Rangers that it has no legitimacy when it claims to be?

Or is this just a band of screaming nutjobs, going berserk over nothing?

A little of both, I think.

We know UEFA’s position on this, because they revealed it in their letter to the Resolution 12 guys last year; they realise that Rangers lied about their license criteria in 2011 but punishing them is no longer possible because you can’t punish an organisation that’s liquidated any more than you can punish a criminal who’s dead.

In short, this might not be an “accident” or a “Timspiracy” but a simple acknowledgement of fact.

Regardless, I never cease to be amazed by how sensitive these Peepul are over their status as a NewCo.

If it were me, and I were in their shoes, and I genuinely believed my club had survived the grave (in of being buried in it) I wouldn’t give a monkey’s what anyone else said about it. After all, when they pull out their weak-ass, pitiful Pacific Shelf nonsense none of us get frantic over it.

We’re secure in the knowledge that they are delusional twats.

Their hurt over this seems to hint at a deep-seated insecurity on this issue. They know the truth, deep down.

Which is why they bristle at every wee minor suggestion that they are a NewCo, and that’s why my response to their wailing today is more pity than anything else … not that I’m not also busting a gut laughing about it.

UEFA has their number, that’s for sure.

Whoever did this, I applaud them.

It’s hit close to the mark, and it has them in a strop.

days work if you ask me.

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