Here’s Another Self-Pitying, Deluded Rant From Sevco’s Barmiest Fan Site.

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That barmy Sevco fan site I sometimes talk about was at it again last night, re-writing history, pushing the Victim Lie, betraying their smug superiority and basically basking in the “glory” of their first European adventures (for which they should not have been granted a license; that’s a story for a whole other day) by talking about being “back where they belong.”

What is their problem with the simple truth?

There’s so much wrong with their gibbering nonsense it’s hard to know where to start.

But how about here?

The writer claims “an entire generation of Bears have grown up not knowing Rangers in Europe at all – the very concept is alien to them.”

Now, unless said “generation” is about twelve (I still remember stuff from when I was seven) that’s stark, staring hyperbolic pish. An entire generation? For God’s sake, get a grip of yourselves. Rangers played in Europe in 2012. If an entire generation can’t remember that far back there’s more going wrong here than the education system could fix if you spend £10,000 per year on every pupil. Honestly, this takes the martyr thing to a whole other level.

But I’ll tell you this; as Rangers no longer exists then generations to come will, indeed, grow up never knowing them playing in Europe. As generations cannot remember Third Lanark ever doing it. This is the way the world – the real one – actually works.

Yet the whole article is filled with bat-shit stuff just like that.

These people burst my brain. Need I say that from now until the end of this piece, I’m going to refer to their club by it’s proper name and not that of the DeadCo, so that even when I am quoting them I am going to use the fact to cut through their fiction.

The article opens with the following nonsense:

“Five years. It is a long, long time in football. Sevco fans know more than most just how long five years really is.”

More than most? How about the supporters of clubs who’ve never won a major honour? Or the fans of Leeds United, who fell from the Premier League into League One in a downward spiral that has lasted approximately fourteen years …

“It has seen the most arduous journey in the sport’s history – a top flight team banished to the lowest senior division to fend for themselves and taking 60 months to climb back through the ranks to the summit of the country’s game …”

Forget climbing back through the ranks; call it up through the ranks instead, and tell the damned truth. And you know what? Leave all this “arduous journey” pish behind as well. Few clubs have ever been able to make that journey outspending their opponents by a factor of 10-1. The only arduous bit was McCoist and McCall’s painfully funny disaster season of 2014-15, which I still get a good laugh at today. And that was nobody’s fault but the club’s own.

Yeah it shouldn’t have taken 60 months; the most incompetent manager, and the most disastrous interim appointment, in the recent history of the sport took care of that.

Here’s where the wailing starts for real.

“It is a pretty unprecedented scenario and it would never have happened in any other country had one of their marquee clubs ended up in such peril.”

Haha. This guy needs a history lesson.

One of our marquee clubs didn’t “end up in peril.” They ended up dead. But he’s right about one thing; what happened next would never have happened in any other country. Nowhere else would the league have tried to shoehorn a NewCo bearing the dead club’s name into the top flight, subjecting us all to the contortions and contradictions of the Victim and Survival Lies in a process one of the club chairmen described as “corrupt.”

This self-pitying whining is pathetic, it really is.

This bit did make me laugh though.

“(We) are, were, and always will be a European team and whether we get papped out at round one or make it to the final, we should always be there, contending.”

Who wants to tell this joker that a team which gets “papped out at round one” has not been “contending”, not by any manner of means, in any reality we understand. Will Linfield fans look back and say they were “contending” for the Champions League when we put six past them home and away? I think not. One thing I agree with here; they are a European team. In that they play football. In Europe. Like every other team in Scotland does.

My favourite bit, if you excuse the grammatical nature of it, is the ending.

“For a full half decade to have deprived us of that is a crime. And to see us back there now is a combination of relief and justice.”

Hahahaha. A crime.

Let me remind him of what an actual crime looks like; the one that was done against football whilst his club was being funded by debt and a tax fraud. Or the one that was done against the Treasury, in withholding of HMRC receipts. Or the one against the businesses great and small which were defrauded by Whyte’s regime, with a little help from the SFA and the SPL.

Justice was what should have happened to the titles and trophies won during the period of cheating. Justice is what’s waiting after the Supreme Court verdict.

What happened to Rangers was not justice. I agree with that. They were never made to pay, although the Sevco fans have paid, for all those years. What their fans have been through was not punishment, it was consequence. The consequence of having a club built on sand. It couldn’t sustain itself, so it died. The NewCo started where they all do, at the bottom, and even then allowances were made and they skipped the queue to get into the league system.

These things are known. They’re just not admitted to.

Instead they cling to fantasy.

Instead they cling to this.

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