In Scottish Football, “Strong And Stable Leadership” Only Comes from The Fans

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Strong and stable leadership, eah?

Why do those words suddenly seem synonymous with chaos and uncertainty? With the hard-core of unionism and bigotry in the driving seat, pulling the rest of us hither, thither and yon? Yeah, Dave King got his money’s worth buying the Charlotte Fakeovers stuff for £20,000. European football is worth ten times that to his club and the SFA gave it to them when they ought not to.

The strong and stable leadership of Doncaster and Regan, friends!

Round of applause for them both.

Last night, it was the turn of Graham Spiers to demonstrate those particular traits when he took the SFA to task for its years of corruption, its shady involvement in the Rangers and Sevco scandals, their fit and proper person failures on Whyte, Green, King and soon enough Johnston.

Oh wait. No he didn’t. He didn’t do any of that.

Instead he took a shot at Celtic bloggers peddling “conspiracy theories” before he … peddled a conspiracy theory. What an eejit. Hey, Graham, if you really want to look like a clown don’t forget the floppy shoes. If it wasn’t for your “crusading journalism” we’d be … ahem … right where we are now. Thanks for your “contribution” thus far.

We couldn’t have come so far (one step forward two steps back) without you.

Today, when the “blue half” of Scotland, many of them working class, many of them already struggling, are celebrating because this country has twelve Tory MP’s (and Labourites celebrating that; what planet are you on? Had the SNP hung onto even half of those seats Jeremy Corbyn would be standing on the cusp of Downing Street as I write this, at the head of a progressive coalition) I don’t want to hear any of this “strong and stable leadership” guff from anybody not committed to real reform here.

And that isn’t the media, for all their sneering, and it isn’t the governing bodies which that media refuses to give the slightest scrutiny to. I’ve said it before; had guys like Speirs done their own jobs instead of taking shots at us, there’d be no need for us in the first place.

The only people offering “strong and stable leadership” in Scottish football are the fans themselves. And instead of sneering at us with all the arrogance of the insider, Spiers and others should be standing with us, the better to push the clubs into doing what needs to be done.

He doesn’t need to point out that Celtic has done the sum total of nil about this stuff; we already know that. But Celtic has one vote at that table, so his pish about us “driving the bus” and “owning the bus company” is contemptible garbage.

All we’ve ever asked of the media is that it does its job, the one it’s supposed to exist for, instead of printing PR firm tripe and dealing in transfer rumour tittle-tattle. Instead of scrutinising people and telling the truth about events it has morphed into a cheerleading role even as it deals in disinformation and peddles outright lies.

The fans still care about this sport; we don’t leech off it. It is infuriating to be told to sit down and shut up as if we were children. It won’t stand, and we won’t take it from the cowards who’ve spent so long sitting on the fence they’ll never pull the skelves out of their backsides.

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