Jonny Hayes Has A Chance To Make The Next Years The Best Of His Career.

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Congratulations to Jonny Hayes on completing his move to the Champions today.

It’s been long speculated on, and it sometimes seemed as if the deal wasn’t going to be done. Indeed, I thought for a while that it was just paper-talk and nonsense. But it’s closed. He’s signed on a three year deal, and a new chapter in his career has begun.

I wrote earlier, in the context of Patrick Roberts, about players who peak too early, about potential that flares and then dies.

Jonny Hayes is the opposite.

Here’s a guy who, at 29, might very have the best years in front of him.

And he earned them, because his entire career story has been one of and making the best of what talent he has.

Everyone knows that I was underwhelmed by this deal, especially when one considered the optimism that surrounded the potential Roberts transfer.

Without the Roberts speculation I’d have felt a lot better about this one, because through all of it I’ve said that Hayes is a very good player, especially for domestic football. It’s up to Brendan, in whom we all have tremendous faith, to get him to the and I don’t believe he’d be at Celtic if the manager didn’t think he was capable of getting there.

Certainly, there’s no chance now of Jonny Hayes ending his career on a bum note; this guy will go out a winner at the very least, and I can make that prediction without much fear of contradiction. His contribution to Aberdeen over the years was sterling. If he can up his game to meet the level of Brendan’s team, he may yet prove to be more than I thought. Certainly the manager can find more in him. There is no doubt playing in this team will.

Jonny arrives with the attributes to be a huge success, actually.

As I said above, his is a career that has been based on graft. There have been no shortcuts to Celtic Park for Jonny Hayes. He has put in a shift, over years, to get this kind of recognition. This move hasn’t been handed to him on a plate, it has been earned and as Brendan is the kind of manager who values that work ethic more than anything, it’s not difficult to see why he chose to sign Hayes from Aberdeen, where he’s been a constant thorn in our side.

This guy has scored a right few against us, some of them real crackers.

My only minor niggle – if indeed you could call it that – is this; watching videos of his goals and assists you can’t help but notice that almost all of them come down the left hand side, where we’re already ably represented by Scott Sinclair.

This isn’t to say Hayes can’t play wide right; he has, on several occasions – or that Scott couldn’t play there; because he, too, has played there before – but his best is definitely on the other side of the park, where he can be devastating on his game.

I don’t think he’s been signed as Scott’s deputy. Nor do I believe that Sinclair’s future at Celtic Park is in the slightest doubt. I just wonder whether he’s moving Scott, or if he intends to play Jonny on the right. I guess we’ll find out.

In the same announcement, we’ve had it that young Ryan is moving back to Pittodrie on a year long loan. I feel disappointed about that because I know this boy can be a real for us, but he’s definitely too good to sit on the bench and that’s what he’d spend most of his time doing if he were at Celtic Park. Far better to have him out there, getting games.

But he’ll be home eventually, and in the meantime he’ll help them secure that second spot.

Talk about a no-lose situation for our fans.

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