King Beats A Humiliating Retreat From His Scandalous Celtic Remarks.

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Last night, one of the lickspittle dogsbodies King uses as a conduit for his nonsense, Roddy Forsyth of the Telegraph, published an exclusive new interview with the South African tax cheat in which the Sevco chairman attempted to backtrack on his ridiculous remarks of the weekend. In true King style, he claims to have been taken out of context, that his words have been twisted, that in fact he meant the complete opposite of a plain English interpretation of what he said.

This is the King the South African courts know so well, the one who changes what comes out of his mouth to match the prevailing winds.

The glib and shameless liar, who’s mendacious comments flow with such polished ease.

He’s used to talking like this, used to gilding the lily, used to insulting more powerful people and having to back-peddle furiously.

I suspect, but do not know for sure, that there has been some low-level communication between the Celtic board and the one at Sevco since the weekend, because whilst our club won’t comment openly on what we think of his bizarre ranting I am certain we’ll have communicating our intense displeasure over those remarks in a private manner.

Once upon a time there was an unwritten rule about neither our club nor the ones at discussing the other in a negative way for the media. I always thought that rule protected them from criticism they were due, and therefore it suited them better than it did us. But Celtic has, by and large, followed that, even when have been furious at them for doing so.

King does not respect that rule, nor do some on his board. They don’t respect anything, period, and as the old rules are being ignored and the civilised norms of Scottish are being interred in a shallow, unmarked grave one wonders how long Celtic will maintain the view that they don’t comment on events elsewhere.

But I suspect that privately, at least, the message has already gotten through.

King’s latest interview has the whiff of madness about it.

The delusions of the weekend have morphed into shameless retreat, and self-justification. The picture it paints is of someone not quite engaged with reality, someone who says whatever stupid nonsense pops into his head but who can actually make himself believe it, no matter how absurd.

For there is no doubt that King does believe what he’s saying at any given time.

The South African judges who him in their infamous verdict said he has a predilection for actually convincing himself that what he was saying was true no matter how far divorced from fact it was … and journalists who rush to reprint this guy’s every word, like the idiot Forsyth, would do very well to remember that in the future.

They also ought to remember this; yesterday I talked about the Lynton Crosby playbook, and how when questions are being asked that you’d rather weren’t that the best course of action is to throw a cat into the room. Well, you have to ask yourself why, at a time when their club is allegedly on the up and up, about to play a European tie, with a brand new squad and a “favourable” retail deal King  wants to fill the sports pages with like this.

Makes you wonder if there’s something he’s trying to keep out of the news ….

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