Derek Johnstone Wants A Sevco Fan On The Board. Wow. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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Derek Johnstone last night said that the growing influence of Club 1872 means this is a good time for putting a Sevco fan onto the club’s board.

And you all thought that we were already having fun with all the nonsense that comes out of that club?

Wait awhile.

If this happens the people at Butterkist and Haugen-Das will be working double shifts to keep up with the demand.

The Sevco board already acts like a drunk on a plane.

Their obnoxious behaviour has offended just about every club in the whole country. Moronic directors have praised sectarian singing, and then pressured a journalist not to write the story. Official statements out of the club have attempted to justify a pitch invasion and a near riot by saying “anyone else’s fans would have done the same.” They’ve said other clubs don’t matter. King has claimed only titles won when a club playing out of Ibrox was in the league are the only ones that count … this kind of juvenilia and apologia for all manner of disgusting behaviour is routine already.

Club 1872 is prone to its own barmy statements and dodgy behaviour.

They have issued inflammatory releases before major games, indulged conspiracy theories, gotten closer to libel than a shareholders organisation allegedly run by serious people should ever get, defended the most disgraceful behaviour in their stands and they have pushed hard on the Victim and Survival Lies until the rest of Scottish football can’t stomach it. Their latest act was to threaten a boycott against any club whose fans for sporting integrity.

The idea of putting one of the Peepul on the board is darkly hilarious.

Wherever they have stuck their necks out and put themselves in front of public scrutiny the results have been eye-opening to say the very least. They had a fan on the board not that long ago, for about five minutes, and he had to chuck it because of racist tweets. The co-founder of the organisation that precedes Club 1872 is a notorious bigot and football hooligan. They’ve had two of their wannabee journalists – both at the same paper; how stinking is that? – caught expressing the most loathsome opinions. When they asked for volunteers to go in and do work on the ground the guy organising it had to chuck it when his own repellent behaviour came to light.

Their fans are a disgrace.

One of them on the board?

Jesus, if wishing made it so I would be finding falling stars, wells to throw money down and blowing candles out on birthday cakes that aren’t even mine.

Nothing would present us with more amusement.

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