Halliday Proves You Can Take The Bigot Out Of Ibrox But Small Minded Bitterness Stays The Same

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Andy Halliday. What an example he sets to his new club. What an example he sets for his own future. Today the media is reporting that the on-loan Sevco reject has refused to join a huddle with his new team. Because of its “Celtic connotations.”

Have you ever heard anything so utterly moronic in your life?

Oh yeah …

Sevco banning green boots from the dressing room.

What planet do these people live on?

Where does this mentality come from?

Their supporters accuse of us being “obsessed” but tell me how obsessed you need to be to define yourselves entirely by other people and what they do?

“Celtic wear green, so we won’t do that.”

“They do the Huddle, so that’s not happening.”

“Pringles released a package with Come On You Boys In Green on the tube so we’re no longer going to eat those. We’ll find good staunch Protestant crisps to eat instead. Walkers? What, as in Andy? You must be joking.”

I kid, yes, but this stuff isn’t actually funny.

It’s ridiculous.

It’s embarrassing to their whole backward culture, which already labours under the weight of so much suspension of disbelief I’m surprised any of them have the energy to do any marching. Their entire ethos is based on freedom from Rome, as symbolised by a battle funded by the Vatican.

They are in freefall. Their culture is being squeezed on all sides like a tube of toothpaste by people sick and tired of their country being dragging back to the 17th Century every single year. Their “union” about which they harp on so much is on its last legs and their club (their second one in five years) is precariously perched on the edge of the waste disposal drain.

And they worry about pish like this?

The picture of Halliday, standing in the huddle circle, with his arms behind his back as if in protest, has been a social media sensation with their fans. How desperate is that? How sad these people are, how tragic the lives they lead. I understand that they need good news right now, some affirmation about their place in the world … but this kind of petty garbage just makes them look third rate and small-time. Which is exactly right … because they are.

This is the mentality of the Real Rangers Men. You can take the bigot out of Ibrox but you can’t take Ibrox out of the bigot. It’s the lodestone for this stupid mentality. It’s where it was learned. It’s where it continues to thrive in the green-boots free dressing room.

No wonder this club is on its knees.

It ain’t ever getting up from them whilst its adherents obsesses over utter garbage like this.

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