So The Daily Record Is Giving A Forum To Far Right Scum Now, Is It?

Image for So The Daily Record Is Giving A Forum To Far Right Scum Now, Is It?

The Daily Record website is carrying a video this evening where a far-right scumbag makes claims against Celtic fans.

I’m not even going to name the halfwit in question; The Record has already him enough publicity as it is.

They’ve even linked to his very own video … that should get him a few quid and enough hits to buy beer for another day.

This is The Record at its running worst, trawling the gutter for whatever anti-Celtic shite that it can find.

But to actually link to the website of a far-right extremist, that’s a low even for them.

That’s scraping the until you get to the sticky scum which is all that’s left. And then putting that sticky scum on your own site.

There is no news value in this story at all.

The toe-rag in question has already smeared his stuff all over social media; there is zero merit in giving him another dollop of PR which is why I’m not going to, and nor will I allow any redistribution of the story or his videos on the pages on which I’m a moderator … but The Record has no scruples whatsoever.

Would they even bother with this video if he wasn’t throwing accusations at Celtic fans?

All he wanted out of our visit there was the kind of publicity that arse-rag of a newspaper and others have just him. And the has the cheek to wonder why the far-right is in rude health? Compared to an amoeba anyway.

What the paper saw here was a chance to spread a negative message about our fans, and they don’t particularly care where that message originates.

All they’ve done here is give a platform to a knuckle dragging, barely literate, scumbag who’s “views” are those of an uneducated embarrassment who’s spent too long in backstreet boozers with his nose in The Daily Mail.

And you know what else?

He was wearing a top in the video … so job well done there as well.

They got some more publicity for their own favourite team … except … yes, this is just the kind of publicity needs, to have this eejit prancing around in their strip, extolling the virtues of racism and hate. Because Sevco doesn’t have enough of that already.

Some of their websites love this guy; I’ll do a write up on that story tomorrow, because it’s a separate issue to this. But for now let me remind fans, again, why Celtic supporters by and large wouldn’t wipe their backsides with a Daily Record.

You know, the Sevconuts are at the mouth over that newspaper as well at the moment; they must love losing customers. I would urge everyone who reads this to desist, indefinitely, from giving that site as much as an hit.

Let me and others do that; we’ll report anything worth reading so the rest of you don’t have to bother.

This is their usual standard, so you ain’t missing much.

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