The Disband The Green Brigade Campaign Is An Anti-Celtc Sham All Our Fans Should Ignore

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Who the Hell are Disband The Green Brigade?

Who the Hell cares?

The Evening Times describes them as a “pressure group.”

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen that term used to describe one guy, or a mere handful, who’ve mastered setting up a Twitter account.

Whoever they are, the intent behind them is simple; to sow division amongst the Celtic fans, and there’s been enough of that over the last 24 hours as it is. Celtic and Celtic alone will make a decision on The Green Brigade. It will be arrived at with care and consideration.

The club does not need “bounced” into this.

The process will be ongoing already.

Disband The Green Brigade is a sham. It is a disgrace. It cannot do anything but ferment an already bad situation. Whoever is behind it either didn’t think of that, didn’t care or worse; they did it for that explicit purpose, because they are not Celtic fans.

In my view, Celtic fans do not start a campaign calling for the club to ban other Celtic fans. If they really are supporters and not enemies of Celtic who are at it they need to think it through, close their social media accounts and shut up whilst the club sorts this out.

Do these people really think Lawwell and the board need their input or advice on this? Do they think this does anything other than cause trouble? They’ve had their one day headline; that should be all they get. No-one else should pay them the slightest heed.

Even the wording of their statement is highly suspicious; their stance against “political activism” throws the SNP in with the IRA … which makes me smell Sevco right from the off. It equates promoting the Palestinian cause with Hamas.

Talk about extreme.

The statement mentions ETA, the Basque organisation whose banners haven’t been seen at Celtic Park in 20 odd years and, perversely, it even mentions ISIS, and I have never seen a single banner or display in any support, anywhere in Europe, promoting that organisation.

It looks like a naked attempt to smear not only The Green Brigade but the whole Celtic support.

It stinks.

It reeks.

Ignore it.

Ignore the people behind it.

If you see them on social media, block them but before you do make sure everyone commenting in support of them can see what their agenda actually is. It is the most political “get politics out of Celtic Park” statement I’ve ever read.

It is the work of either Celtic fans who’ve taken leave of their senses or people who wish us ill; the result is the same come what may.

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