The Scottish Media Looks Ridiculous Over Their Celtic “Indiscipline” Questions Today.

Image for The Scottish Media Looks Ridiculous Over Their Celtic “Indiscipline” Questions Today.

Some members of the hack-pack have made themselves look utterly ridiculous today by questioning Brendan Rodgers on the “indiscipline” of the Celtic team, and asking him whether or not he has concerns on that score after UEFA cited us for having “five or more players” booked in the game against Linfield on Friday night.

Brendan treated the suggestion with barely concealed scorn.

No sooner was the press conference done, with media men writing their headlines in a manner which sought to highlight Brendan’s lack of concern but Celtic’s official site announced that we’ve been named as last season’s Scottish Football Fair Play award winners. An incredible feat in an unbeaten domestic campaign.

How embarrassing our press looks at a time like this.

They are utterly outclassed by a Celtic media team which knows the perfect moment in which to drop bombs like today. Any chance the press had of getting a discussion started about the viciousness of our team (haha) has been absolutely spiked. It is ridiculous that it had to be.

One of the things that galls a lot of people is that Celtic does its business clean. We are not one of those sides that throws its weight around either on or off the park. We don’t rely on favours or depend on rough-housing the opposition. We try to play football.

That we managed so much success last season without being overly physical … this is no secret. But certain sections of the media, nevertheless, seized on the UEFA charge this week and tried to spin it into something with which to attack us.

It is pathetic, and as per usual Celtic have owned them.

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