The SPFL Has Moved On The Issue Of A Review. Now We Wait To Read The Small Print.

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Breaking news from the SPFL meeting today … according to Rob Petrie, the league body will be re-opening the issue of Rangers’ use of ’s, quite possibly with a new inquiry.

Petrie is a good guy, a guy who has always done his best for the game here.

Hibs fans may be divided on him, because his intent to see that they live within their means and “play by the rules” mirror our own, but I’ve always admired the way the guy has gone about his business, in spite of the price his club has sometimes paid for staying within the lines.

His views on the integrity of the sport, and on events in 2012, well known.

To say this is a shocker is an understatement.

And we will reserve judgement on what is actually being proposed here until we have a clearer view of what that is.

But in spite of Aberdeen’s early jump and the scandalous briefings by the likes of Neil Doncaster and others, there was clearly a view in that room that this has to be tackled.

A look at the club’s use of ’s is clearly welcome, but on its own it is not enough.

The real issue here is the governance of Scottish football and any inquiry has to look into the role that was played in that era by the likes of Campbell Ogilvie and others. The SFA does not have clean hands, and that’s something recognised by everybody who’s looked at it.

This is partly about stripping, but the was never limited to that.

It is partly about Rangers but this issue moved beyond them a long time ago.

Scottish can take a lot of satisfaction out of this decision; it looks as if the pressure from inside the clubs has moved some people.

Others would have been in favour anyway, because for all the nonsense that gets talked about “the wee teams” it is their directors who care most about the game, away from the glitz and glamour and bling.

Bravo to all of them, and for everyone who’s kept this alive.

I never expected to be this article, so it looks like a pretty good day.

Although we’re all pretty keen to see the small print, this is more than we expected.

It seems Peter built his coalition after all, and that means the move to the SFA board is part of a larger plan.

So it’s game on, at last, folks.

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