As Sevco Fans Rage Over The “Refs Conspiracy”, Club 1872 Invites A Former One To Host Dinner.

Image for As Sevco Fans Rage Over The “Refs Conspiracy”, Club 1872 Invites A Former One To Host Dinner.

In yet another example of “You Could Not Make This Up”, Sevco fans are divided on the issue of whether or not Scottish football refs are out to get them.

To some, the performance of the ref at the weekend was proof that they are.

5000 of these muppets have signed a petition to that effect over the last couple of days.

To the official fan organisation, the SFA has long been the friend of Ibrox.

And tonight they are advertising that fact, and cutting the knees out from under a fellow fan-led campaign.

Like I said, you couldn’t make this up.

On 22 September, on the eve of our next visit to the most dangerous ground in Scotland, Club 1872 will be having a dinner to commemorate their 500th angry press release. Or something like that. And for their Master of Ceremonies they have invited a very special person, someone well known to all of us.

It’s “Brother” Bobby Tait … the ex referee, a favourite of the Ibrox horde who is a regular feature in the lodges and supporters clubs across Throwback Country.

Tait is a guy who it’s impossible for Celtic fans to like, but for all that we will never utter his name without a smile.

Some say he spent his entire career very openly favouring Rangers.

When he decided to hang up his whistle he lobbied the SFA for his final game to be at Ibrox, in a match that was to prove pivotal. It was between Rangers and Kilmarnock. With two games to go in the Year We Stopped The Ten.

In the run-up to the match, the controversy over the appointment was so enormous – and this before social media – that Walter Smith felt the need to defend it.

Talk about ridiculous.

Like asking a cannibal to defend his “All You Can Eat” buffet at a funeral house.

But of course, that turned out to be one of the most inspired decisions in the history of Scottish football, because Tait was so desperate to see his beloved Gers triumph on his final day that he ran the match into serious overtime … just long enough for Kilmarnock to score a very late winner courtesy of Ally Mitchell. Cue bedlam across Scotland. Cue Celtic in the driving seat to win the title, which we duly did.

It’s Celtic fans who should be raising glasses to “Brother” Bobby, but if they want to do it well they should feel free to go right ahead.

But at the same time, they ought to spare us this guff about refereeing bias.

If they can point me to the occasion when an ex ref was “master of ceremonies” at a Celtic fan event then I’ll be happy to write a correction.

They are fooling nobody.

It is unclear if you need to pass an IQ test to attend this hot event … but in keeping with tradition, the lower score, the more tickets you can purchase.

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