Mols Should Stick To Being An Ex Player With The World’s Least Impressive Footballer’s Wife.

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Yes, this headline is an exercise in “how low can you go?”

But see, that’s the point.

It’s a deliberately low-ball one which hurts no-one because neither of them will ever read it.

It’s not really pointed at his missus, it’s written for the gutter because that, as far as I’m concerned, is the level of his comments and the way the media has gleefully reported them today.

So apologies to Missus Mols if she does happen to see this and is offended … no harm to you, but your husband is a goon.

Michael Mols is an ex-Rangers player.

I want that in there in case, like me, you’d actually forgotten this guy existed until this weekend, when he popped up to insult the whole of Scottish football, but Celtic in particular, with his stupid remarks about how Celtic’s achievements are worthless, which the BBC has been only too happy to spread around like something on the bottom of your shoe.

They are part of the reason for this headline.

Their own – “Mols: Celtic Had It Easy For Four Years” – was deliberately provocative and intended to offend.

All I’ve done is respond in kind, and anyone who doesn’t like it should take it up with them.

“This has nothing to do with the guys wife!” some will scream.

Save it. I’ve already covered that.

But neither Mols nor the BBC itself has any problem declaring the rest of Scottish football is an irrelevant joke as part of their effort to deny Celtic our due, so the sermon on denigrating the innocent cuts no slack with me at all.

Every other club is considered collateral damage in this campaign to devalue our achievements.

All I’ve done is taken that idea to the extreme.

And I’ve done it because I’m frankly sick and tired of having this particular debate.

The idea that our achievements don’t count because there wasn’t a team called Rangers in the league is shockingly offensive, and not just for Celtic fans.

It’s arrogant beyond belief for a start. Whenever Sevco fans ponder on why their current club, and their former one, were so hated I’d like to draw their attention to Exhibit A, the way so many of them subscribe to this stupid idea.

I know there are people in the media, including on the BBC, small-minded cretins who have never quite gotten over the idea that a club they said was “too big to fail” circled the drain and vanished down the waste disposal, who do believe our achievements mean less without that side, as if we didn’t even have to turn up for games, as if they were won on paper with no effort at all. This is so insulting to everyone in our team – and everyone in the opposing teams too by the way – that it barely needs pointing out.

But they never seem to tire of doing it.

Well I am tired listening to it.

“It wasn’t a challenge for four years,” Mols said.

Well guess what? Sevco aren’t challenging us right now. Last season, they were a joke. All the big talk from them and they flopped like a freshly caught fish on a pier. They won’t touch us for years, if they ever do again.

Mols himself isn’t beneath personal insults, by the way.

He pops up every now and again, like a malign jack in the box, to have a go at someone; a few years ago it was Gary Harkins, who he insulted with a “who he?” interview after the midfielder had told the simple truth and said Sevco are a NewCo.

Before that Mols was telling the world how he and his team-mates won their titles “fair and square” despite half of his team being improperly registered as a result of the EBT tax fraud. Mols himself had one, for £260,000, and the side letter to go with it.

HMRC will be seeking to meet with him soon, I’d think. I hope he has the money.

In the meantime, he never tires of pointing out that he and his team-mates won the games “on the park.”

That’s the same place we won ours.

So too are those of Tom English on the radio just then, about how Mols and others would still have gone to Ibrox without the EBT’s.

Yes, but the club would never have had the money to sign them.

So that opinion, like Mols’ idiotic one, is childlike, moronic, nonsensical.

And you know, the funny thing is the joke is on them.

The history books will one day remove those tainted titles which Mols and Rangers won in the years of fraud and financial doping, but Celtic’s, which were won clean, will be there, into eternity.

That’s what really bothers them, that above all.

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