Only Sevco Fans Would Campaign For The SFA To Create More Tainted Titles.

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Sevco fans are retaliating against our calls for title stripping for cheating by asking the governing bodies to grant them a bunch of new titles, based on ignoring even more rules.

The people who have accused of us wanting to do through tribunals what we couldn’t do on the pitch are now petitioning the governing bodies to help them add to the OldCo trophy haul … because they are incapable of doing it on the pitch. Incredible.

To add another level of irony, they are asking the SFA and the SPFL to ignore the most basic Sporting Integrity grounds of all; the awarding of titles which were never counted during the Second World War because so many clubs had players who went out to fighting.

The club which has tailored itself as the team of the troops wants to use the greatest conflict in history, which many of its own players didn’t have to take part in, as a lever to create more tainted titles.

OldCo Rangers won a slew of trophies during the years when Scottish football was run on a part-time and unofficial basis. Sevco fans are petitioning the SPFL and the SFA to add those to Rangers “official record.”

Here’s what the petition doesn’t say; they were only able to win so much during that time because many of their players were working in “deferred industries” – such as in ship building, which was a big deal down in Govan – which exempted them from serving on the front.

Which was okay if you were a white Scottish Protestant … if you were a Catholic you were off to battle because Catholics didn’t get those sort of jobs.

Forget the glorious ethic of “we’re all in this together.” That might have been true of other parts of this green and pleasant land, but if you were a Glasgow Catholic you were still faced with the old “What school did you go to?” question and other societal barriers and during the war, whilst others were looking down a gun-sight the closest some of their players got to combat was holding a welding gun.

We were never the establishment club; don’t ever forget that. Indeed, during that conflict our connection with Ireland was something people used as an excuse to treat us with more scepticism than normal, yet Scottish football’s governing bodies still played it straight.

They knew all about deferments and they also knew that the near universal call-up of males meant that a lot of clubs had been left with hardly a player at all. Football just had to take a back seat for a while … apart from anything else, there was nearly no-one left to support it …. and if there had been, a full stadium would have presented the Luftwaffe with a lovely, lovely target.

It was never halted completely but it was scaled down dramatically.

The same people who say our recent titles meant nothing now want literally meaningless ones included on the record. To do so would mean reversing a regulation that is more than seventy years old. It means pissing on the sacrifices a lot of clubs made in that war.

It’s so typical of this mob that they want something that was done for the sake of sporting integrity set aside in the name of the very concept they are pissing on.

And yes, I know this is about blowing smoke, I know there’s not a hope in Hell of this “campaign” succeeding, but it is instructive that they would even try this. They genuinely don’t get it.

Our campaign is about punishing the wholesale breaking of rules.

About stripping titles won by fraud.

In retaliation they are now pushing to have dodgy titles awarded to them by t0he breaking of even more rules.

You could not invent these Peepul, they would be deemed too unbelievable for fiction.

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