Pedro’s Rejection Of Evidence Based Reality Spells Dire Trouble For His Ibrox Bosses

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Caixinha has given another inexplicable interview today, as he prepares his side for what many are labelling a “must win” game at this coming weekend. This time the media cannot be blamed for spinning his words, as they were not made to a room of assorted hacks from the Scottish papers, but to the club’s own in-house interviewers.

And in the interview, he has rejected fact based reality … unless it suits him.

Regular readers will know that I have taken to comparing this guy to Donald Trump; the parallels are obvious as well as uncanny. In a moment that could have come right out of one of the deranged US President’s own press conferences (and how scary is it to read that sentence?) Caixinha said this to their TV cameras;

“I can tell you that I don’t like too much statistics. Sometimes I use them only when they are in our favour, but since we arrived in all the league matches we have played away we only draw one, which was against Kilmarnock.”

Isn’t that superb?

To decry statistics unless they are in your favour, and to then follow that up by quoting one which is?

It must be so nice to be able to create your own reality like this, with wee “mini-leagues” and all the other nonsense he believes in.

He followed it up with this beauty of a line, one sure to have whetted the appetites of their supporters everywhere;

“(With) the quality of players we have, we know that we are going to start winning games and winning games in a row, of course, sooner rather than later.”

Wow. He’s promising fans more than just one win in a row.

Sooner rather than later.


Is this supposed to raise morale? Is it supposed to fill people with confidence?

If I were one of their fans, reading that, I would be calling for this guy to get his jotters right now, no more waiting, no more hanging around for results to make the case one way or the other. The term “unfit for purpose” should be stamped on this guy’s Sevco kit.

But as I said yesterday, there’s no chance of him being removed before the board quite literally has no other choice in the matter.

And when you are dealing with a guy who refuses to look at evidence that doesn’t suit him then, as with Trump, you’re dealing with an ego so large that there is no chance in Hell that he will decide, on his own, that things aren’t working on and fall on the sword.

A guy like this, who can look at a league table showing his side in third, and miles off the pace, and then reinvent it as one where his team are within a game of being on top is a guy who’s not going to be overly swayed by asking him to consider his position.

In his mind the garden is green, the roses are in bloom and glory is only one full step away.

They will never be able to appeal to him based on expectations or public perception or even cold hard numbers; he has no in, or use for, any of it.

They will not even be able to appeal to him on the grounds that he has failed to meet objectives; has a different measure of those than they do. Like Trump you will never convince this guy that he has got it wrong. It’s not that failure isn’t an option for him, it’s that he doesn’t recognise that it applies to him at all.

Sevco’s manager is a fantasist.

And they don’t do walking away.

If they want rid of this guy, they’re going to have to pay him a hell of a lot of money.

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