Sevco’s Blubbering Fans Are Raging At Lenny’s “Gesture” To Them. Tough.

Image for Sevco’s Blubbering Fans Are Raging At Lenny’s “Gesture” To Them. Tough.

You know that picture I went with for the earlier?

According to the Sevconuts, Neil did that in front of the main stand today after the game.

Pedro Caixinha seems awfully animated about something too; he was wailing about it in his post-match interview although he wouldn’t clarify it, but dared to write it.

Some of them will.

And doubtless it will be spun as “Lennon being Lennon”, which is their coded message to the psychopaths to do their worst.

There is a picture of this incident doing the rounds of some of the Sevco fan forums … and it does, indeed, appear to show Lenny looking right at them with his hands out around his ears.

It’s the universal gesture for “Shout louder. I just stuffed you lot and my team leaving with the three points.”

Not really, but you get the point.

It’s a response to people in the stands who were almost certainly not congratulating him on his team’s fine performance and wishing him well for the future.

And because he responded to what I’m certain is the kind of abuse usually only used by rent-a-mobs outside high profile trials, they screaming on the forums and on social media and wanting him done by the SFA for “incitement.”


You could not make this up.

Who they trying to kid?

When flecks of foam flying from your mouth, your face purple, your hands clenched in fists, as you stand there with the volume of your voice turned up to Lost It, as you call someone every name under the sun, I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest you’re already pretty incited … and in serious need of help.

Lenny’s response didn’t “incite” you.

You a nutcase.

The Haagen-Dazs jingle probably has you howling at the moon.

Why does society pander to these tossers?

If Lennon is disciplined by the SFA I hope he signs the acknowledgement slip and wipes his arse with it before he sends it back to them.

It’s the only rational response to being disciplined because a bunch of uncivilised goons were offended because you didn’t just stand there and let them abuse you.

All week long some of them have been building this up and talking about how Lenny deserves this and the Hibs fans will get that.

did its own bit to hype the match on the back of the Hampden Riot.

Good God, they have zero sense of social responsibility at all, and not a one of them wasn’t pissing his or her pants over the “atmosphere” in the ground, which generally consisted of a bunch of people hurling hate at each other … and much of it from the home stands directed, of course, at a handful of ex-Celt’s but one in particular.

Yet he’s the one being accused of incitement.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so clearly dangerous, the product of a wholly abhorrent mind-set and an environment which has been deliberately stoked by those who want to write lurid headlines.

Neil Lennon is a guy whose courage in the face of all this never wavers for a second.

These Peepul used to seeing folk cringe, they are used to bullying critics and the like into submission, into silence, and it really does screw with their heads to see a guy react like this to them. Lenny shows no fear. They cannot handle that at all.

And so they wail and they bitch and they moan and they greet about how Scotland hates them, and they right because so much of it does.

This, this sense of shrieking entitlement, is just one of the many reasons why.


There’s Only One Neil Lennon.

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