Sevco’s European Knockout Was A Disaster. No Amount Of Media Spin Will Change That.

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The Sunday Mail’s Michael Gannon has published a truly ridiculous article today, claiming that Sevco’s European knockout at the hands of a team of Luxemborgian taxi drivers and shop floor workers might have been a turning point.

“The Progres defeat was an absolute and at the time it looked the stuff of nightmares to have four weeks to stew on it before a ball was kicked again in anger,” Gannon writes. “It turns out that month might have been the best thing that’s happened to the club.”

What? Eah? Seriously? I mean …. H.

I understand their need to be sycophantic, to try and spread a little feel-good around Ibrox, but this is really something else. This is a deranged attempt to warp reality to fit a neat fantasy that everything over there is alright.

There’s no way to put this other than to be blunt.

Gannon is foaming at the mouth.

That article is either the result of incomprehensible stupidity or an overfamiliarity with super-glue. It is nonsense on steroids. It is the of garbage no sentient writer should ever have produced and which no editor should ever have allowed to be published. The other day, when their resident Sevco blogger wrote his own dire “nothing but flowers” piece, I thought it was as bad as their publication would allow to go out with their name on it.

I was wrong.

Gannon has made that guy look like a seasoned pro. He has made his piece of excreta look like a Pulitzer contender. Even the writing is staggeringly sophomoric. The central point is just barking. An early season European humiliation is a good thing?

Really? Under what circumstances? In what way?

That result was a disaster for the club. I would go further than that and call it a catastrophe. It has implications. It was an embarrassment for football in this country and it made Sevco itself into a laughing stock. The reputational damage it has done to them is immense and will literally haunt them for years. The dent to their co-efficient, alone, will hamper them far into the future and assure they don’t see the right side of a seeded draw for a decade.

The financial implications of it are enormous, not only for this season but extending into next and perhaps even the one following that. Their plan is based on them reaching the groups of one of the European competitions; there is next to no chance of that happening for the foreseeable future. That impacts on their ability to balance the books, to qualify for FFP (even the SFA cannot allow them to skate that forever), the very financial stability of the club itself as at risk.

The dominos started falling the minute the full time whistle went.

Craig Whyte’s club collapsed because of a similar set-back. People inside Ibrox knew it almost at once, but the world at large didn’t get it until February the following year. There were six months in between, but that was the night the end started.

It takes nearly wilful ignorance not to recognise this, or see the similarity.

There is a ridiculous optimism floating around Ibrox right now, and like a particularly virulent bug it has jumped from the support to the press rooms with astonishing speed. The symptoms clearly include diarrhoea.

I suspect it won ‘t be long before they have to get the shovels out to clear up the mess.

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