Stewart Regan Hopes He Can Brass Neck Our Inquiry Calls. He’s Crazier Than Pedro If He Tries.

Image for Stewart Regan Hopes He Can Brass Neck Our Inquiry Calls. He’s Crazier Than Pedro If He Tries.

Stewart Regan is a gutless fraud. Stewart Regan sits at the helm of the most corrupt football association in Europe. He is an ignorant man, a man of little character, a man of no discernible skill whatsoever. His existence is pointless. He is a joke.

It’s been nearly two months since the Tax Case verdict. I was so sure that it would go HMRC’s way that I had written the article well in advance. My holiday was due to start the day before. I was lying by a pool when I heard the tax man had won, and I was drinking at the poolside bar when Celtic made their announcement on it. I had expected the first, but not the second, at least not that quick. Celtic couldn’t have been clearer if they tried.

It is my understanding that they have made a formal request for a review; they did it first via the SPFL, where the executive and the clubs were agreed that it was necessary. The SFA has attempted to brush the issue aside, but their problem with that is that Celtic’s request is on the table, in writing, and that cannot be ignored, no matter what some might think.

In truth, Regan appears to know this and that’s why the SFA is gearing up for a PR war here.

Because they know that with this in writing Celtic have started a process that has to go somewhere.

The second we submitted that request it was in the system, in the works, and we now have recourse to take it outside of Scotland if we don’t feel the SFA is dealing with the matter appropriately. In other words, we’re going through the official channels, as we always do, doing it right, and the next phase is to send a legal letter asking for clarity on the SFA’s intentions … and that letter will require an answer, and that takes us into the next stage.

But Celtic will not wait around indefinitely.

The ball is rolling and we’re moving forward. Regan can try to garner support from his media chums as he sees fit – they, by the way, regard him with as much contempt as we do – but in the end Celtic’s request has to be dealt with either in the affirmative or the negative and we have options either way.

And the ultimate option, of course, is to take it to UEFA.

To issue a formal letter of complaint against our own governing body with the European one and to ask them to step in and investigate. The second that step has to be taken is the moment the SFA loses any ability to control the narrative. That is the last thing they want.

I suspect they’re testing us, to see if we’re bluffing.

I have news for them; we’re not. Celtic is committed to seeing this through.

If we’re going to be stuck in Scottish football for the foreseeable future we want it cleaned up, and not left in this rancid state.

The mood inside the club is dead-set against this “moving on” narrative until this issue is faced up to, the matter dealt with once and for all and woe betide anyone at Hampden who thinks otherwise. Just because we’ve been quiet, doesn’t mean we’ve not been busy.

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