The More You Listen To Pedro The Clearer It Is That Not All His Dogs Are Barking

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I don’t know whether Pedro was cribbing Jose Mourinho or not today when he made his crack about caravans and barking dogs; his fellow Portuguese said exactly that in 2015, and everyone in the press conference rolled their eyes.

It probably is an expression there in the same way that “tawtties awer the side” is a peculiarly Scottish one, but that could hardly be less important.

Like Trump this guy just opens his mouth and daft shit comes out.

They become more alike every single day.

And the longer it goes on the clearer it becomes that this guy is bonkers.

Today was typical of this guy.

Aside from talking in the most bizarre fashion, he said things in plain English which made your ears prick up.

His assertion that his players need a rest – “too much water kills the plants” … wept lol – is just splendid and certainly does not auger well at the start of a season which is going to test his threadbare squad to the max.

But it was his attack on Michael O’Halloran which really raised my eyebrows and actually played perfectly into the narrative I set out in the previous piece about his dressing room management.

He called O’Halloran a coward, saying he lacked heart and that’s ridiculous in a talking about a who’s still, officially, employed by the club.

The young ex-Celtic winger is one of the better players they signed these past few years and could have been a huge asset to their club.

They seem determined to him, and St Johnstone will be the first beneficiaries and there may well be to come, because sure as Hell his career at Ibrox is well and truly over.

This is how he treats people, though, and that doesn’t inspire loyalty anywhere in football.

If O’Halloran has friends in that dressing room – and of course he does – they will loath Caixinha for the way he spoke today, and so they should.

This guy is the quintessential horrible SOB.

We can say whatever we like about him being a bumbler and general clown, but in truth he’s actually just a pretty unpleasant person overall and life in Ibrox is not a life that improves that general disposition.

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