The Second To Last Patrick Roberts Post Of The Window

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Right. Okay. One last one before, you know, actual one …

Reports tonight suggest that Patrick Roberts is almost home. A prominent Man City fan-site has reported that deal is virtually done and that he’ll be in tomorrow for a medical. All’s good then. If story is true.

Look, every single one of us is sick of this one already. But we all want it done. Celtic has worked painfully hard on this; I’ve spoken to people inside club on it, and they’ve been worried about its collapse from the start. I can’t say enough times that City were very resistant to the idea of sending this guy back to us on loan; it’s nothing to do with the club, who they have the deepest respect for, but they don’t rate the quality of our league.

I think, actually, he’s learned a lot here and will continue to. I think City are sending him to best possible place. Our Champions League qualification is what has sealed the deal; that’s as clear as it could be. The deal is done because of that.

Patrick loves Celtic. I personally think he’ll end up here on a long-term deal. This looks like it will be a loan, although it’s always possible that what’s swung it is a good offer with money up front and some sell-on clauses.

One thing is certain; he has now accepted that next phase of his career will not be at Manchester City, and that’s all to the good.

kid deserves to be somewhere he’s appreciated.

Here at Celtic he will be loved.

This is last “Patrick Roberts” signing article bar one … the one which welcomes him home.

I expect to be writing it within next 48 hours.

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