A Dressing Room Of Declan’s: Is This What Pedro Means By “We” Are The People?

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No-one does ethnic, religious and racial supremacy like the SevcoNuts.

On the wall of their dressing room, as we all know, there are inscribed words which resonate back through time. They were supposed to be up there to signify superiority, and in a way they do but not in the way a lot of Sevco fans mean. Theirs is a strange club alright, but today it’s more strange than usual.

Today the ethos has been turned on its head.

Yesterday they signed their 11th player of the season; his name was Declan John. Ibrox Noise described him as being “unfortunately named”. I know exactly what our favourite Sevco website means. But in truth, it’s part of a pattern.

Sevco has a dressing room of Declan’s.

Like so much of the history they only think they know, We Are The People has taken on a whole new meaning.

Did their fans not realise when it went up there that “We” was going to come to signify an 80% Catholic dressing room, with a Catholic and a left back with the most Irish name you could think of? The signs were there … most of that dressing room was already in place.

Pedro is a man. He might be certifiably crazy, but that doesn’t mean he’s stupid.

He knows full well what that phrase means and what its connotations are.

The man who famously posed in the Hoops and who sent our club warm congratulations some years ago … is he subverting that phrase in some way? Is he at the wind up? Does he go home every night and piss himself laughing at the way he’s so spectacularly trolled that lot?

Someone in the media should ask him if the ban on players blessing themselves is still in place, as it famously was at Ibrox for years.

The whole team should do a collective Sign Of The Cross in front of the fans one day.

To promote harmony, you understand.

To show how tolerant their supporters are.

Just to see what happens.

Their fans seem mildly displeased with their transfer business, much as a lot of us do.

But they really don’t have any excuses. They brought in eleven players, and yes they shipped out a whole team but whose fault was that? If the was able to get along with people better there would be no need for a squad overhaul like this.

The one area where they are overjoyed is in that we didn’t go out and sign dominant players who would push us even further ahead.

Seriously, they are.

And it makes me think, “Eah? What planet are they on?”

I must have missed something here, because whilst we’ve left holes in the team which will be ruthlessly exploited by the top teams we’re going to face in the Champions League we’re no weaker than we were last time around and we’ve dramatically improved our firepower on top of that, which will become readily apparent when we return to business in the SPL shortly.

For all the complaining I did in my post on the transfer window, there is no doubt we’re stronger than we were, and significantly so.

There’s no doubt that SPL clubs should be even more afraid of us than they were in the last campaign … yet the seem pretty pleased. I wrote last week on why their club has taken an enormous risk with its transfer strategy … all I can say is they better hope all their new signings are attending chapel and saying the appropriate prayers.

Cause looking at our front-line, Divine Intervention is the only chance they’ve got.

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