After Today, If We Win At Ibrox Next Week Sevco’s “Title Challenge” Is Over.

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Celtic were excellent today. We could have scored many more than the four goals which we did. We were, again, relentless in domestic competition; there is no team that is going to stop us when we still routinely turn in displays like this. It was not flawless, but with a number of top stars on the bench, such as Roberts and Sinclair, we cruised.

The manager played two up front. It was a dazzling success.

Do that, next week, at Ibrox and we’ll win out the park.

Win out the park and their so-called “title challenge” is at an end. They know it. Their fans know it. We all know it. The job we have to do could not be clearer. We have a midweek cup tie to navigate first, but we’re ready and you can see that we’re ready.

Last night they honked. They really did. Their fans were furious in the aftermath of the match, and they slated half their team. Today we showed them how it’s done. They play a long ball game. We play it on the deck. They have one player scoring goals right now. We are deadly from all over the park; young Forrest was brilliant today, Rogic prowled and caused terror and scored a fab goal. Moussa is back, and on the scoresheet.

This is a powerhouse of a team. Our heavy defeat in midweek came against a brutally efficient, world class team. They will blow out most sides. Our big match is a week on Wednesday, but we will be ready for the next two games and Ibrox is the second of them.

Our league lead has been extended today. Aberdeen’s draw has cost them, both in terms of keeping pace with us and in putting some distance between them and the team at Ibrox. They blew it today, frankly, but that’s not a problem for us.

We’ll take care of Aberdeen in due course.

But next week will put Sevco’s league campaign to bed, and sit back in the aftermath and watch the implosion that is certain once their fans process that.

I don’t see how they can stop us. That team we started with today – without a number of top players – would have beaten them with measured ease. They will never be able to live with the full strength outfit that’s coming to their place in a week.

We didn’t even have to hit gear today. We could easily have stepped up a few.

Do  you think we’ll be on the minor gear next week?

No, neither do I.

This isn’t even so much about them; they are a bang-average Scottish club and when we play, when we show up for business, with intent, no team will live with us.

Next week we can kill off one alleged title change … and we will.

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