Brown Faces No SFA Action Over Saturday. Caixinha Should Be In The Dock For His Raging Bull.

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The Scottish media is reporting that Scott Brown will “face no action” from the SFA over this weekend’s events at Ibrox.

Well of course he won’t.

Do we initiate disciplinary proceedings now for imaginary offences or what? The press could just as easily have reported that the SFA will take no action against James Forrest or Tom Rogic or Craig Gordon for hypothetical or utterly fictional bad behaviour. Brown did nothing wrong.

The media’s coverage of this non-event is ridiculous.

The person the disciplinary committee should be focussed on is the demented Sevco boss. He will be unhappy about this decision, but at least it gives him something else to put in his wee book of decisions that go against his club. Let him gurn and grind his teeth over it. Let him stew in it for a while. When he appears before the press prior to his latest “must win” game on Friday, at Hamilton, I hope it’s the first thing he’s asked about.

It’ll give us something to laugh at.

We’ve learned today that aside from attacking Brown in the media and having a go at him on the touchline that he went nose to nose with John Kennedy in the tunnel as well. He’s out of his mind this guy; he’s started to believe his own PR spin about being a hard case. He’s like one of those keyboard warriors who tries it on in the pub and finds out what the difference is between giving it large online and trying to do it in front of an actual person.

Old Raging Bullshit has completely lost the plot. This is Glasgow. If he thinks screaming like a kid in Toys R Us because his daddy won’t buy him a Tonka truck is going to impress or intimidate people then he’s been reading the wrong version of the City Guide.

I said earlier that the focus on this incident is ridiculous, and it is, but I’m glad to see that a growing number of people in the media have described Caixinha’s reaction to it as the most ridiculous of all. Steven Thompson, on the BBC, actually said it was embarrassing. Which it is. It’s also highly inflammatory, and I said yesterday had Neil Lennon acted like this you can easily image the headlines he would be getting for it.

The SFA would have opened the disciplinary the same day.

Caixinha has been on a self-destruct trajectory for months now. Chris McLaughlin said today that you can excuse him some of his bizarre comments because English isn’t his first language, but that doesn’t wash at all. He has enough of a grasp of idiom to know what the Energizer Bunny is, so he understands enough of what he’s saying most of the time. It’s just that whenever he opens his mouth absurd nonsense comes pouring out.

But with Brown he went too far. He made a completely baseless allegation against our player and almost sparked a touchline bust-up during a game where that could have been dangerous. If he’s not carpeted by the SFA over this they are more spineless than I thought.

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