Here Are Just Some Of The Reasons An Inquiry Into The SFA Is Needed.

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Yesterday the SPFL ended their calls an investigation into the running of Scottish football, at the level of the SFA.

I said it was gutless. I said it was cowardly. I compared it to playing “pass the parcel” with an armed bomb. The way the two associations are throwing this back and forth to one another is quite pathetic. The way the media is handling it is worse.

The media could have been allies in the effort to get this into the mainstream.

They could have supported us, the fans. Instead, save a few editorials, many of which sat on the fence or went out of their way to demand that weren’t part of the inquiry – rendering it utterly moot – they said nothing or supported the SFA.

In the future, when Scottish football fans look back on this period, they will be horrified by what was allowed to go on and they will not believe that the media sat back and allowed the game to be run like this. The evidence is there any who want to look at it; I am astounded that there isn’t a single journalist here who doesn’t see the in covering this story in detail. The definitive book about this series of events will be the Scottish sport bestseller to outdo them all.

I am going to go over just five of the areas which need examined by an into these matters; there are many, many others.

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