Neil McCann Is A Shameless Sniveling Hypocrite Who’s Fishing For Sympathy He Doesn’t Deserve.

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Neil McCann has been in the papers a lot today, moaning about the way Celtic fans respond to him.

He called it “disgusting” and I daresay much of it is.

Neil McCann draws a lot of ire from our supporters and many people put it down to his being an ex-Celtic fan who signed for Rangers … in fact, most of us couldn’t care about that any longer. He followed the money.

Big deal.

What we do care about is his bitterness, the fact that for all we loathe him the feeling is entirely mutual and he has never made the slightest effort to hide it.

Let’s get it straight; Neil McCann comes from a Celtic background, so he knows full well what it’s all about when a group of people sing about being “up to their knees” in Catholic blood. Yet as the media wrote at the time, he was one of a number of players photographed belting those songs out at the sectarian karaoke that cost Donald Findlay his place on the Rangers board.

He was also one of the Rangers players who did the huddle at Celtic Park, to rub our faces in winning the title there. His sanctimonious slabbering about the way he’s treated cuts no slack with those of us with memories that stretch beyond yesterday’s news.

He can park his “disgusting” remarks about Celtic fans until such time as he holds up his hands and apologises for his own deplorable behaviour and not before. I am sick and tired of the media treating people like this with kid gloves; he’s a hypocrite and should be called out on it.

McCann is one of those guys who jumped the fence and embraced every single sickening element of life on the other side. He became a spiteful hater of Celtic, and whilst a broadcaster was never able to hide that for longer than a few minutes. I’ve lost count of the articles myself and others have written on his comments or his wee greeting face when forced to give us credit for something … I hope we never seen him on the telly again, to be frank.

But I suspect we will. I suspect that when Dundee’s latest bizarre managerial appointment detonates in full that he will find his soft seat waiting for him, so he can again pour scorn on Celtic’s achievements, moan about every decision we get and trying, in vain, to pretend that he’s actually impartial.

Until such time as that happens, I don’t really want to hear another word from him save for his apology to Dundee fans when that club finally hands him his jotters.

Tonight we’ll push him one step closer to that.

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