No Player With A Celtic Duvet On His Bed Will Be Leaving Our Club Before Ten In A Row

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As a further riposte to the bitter piece penned and published this morning by Gordon Parks of The Sunday Mail, it might be worth considering what Patrick Roberts himself said in an interview this week, on young Kieran Tierney.

Kieran is a monster talent.

He’s one of those players you know could play anywhere.

But this kid could not be happier right where he is, playing for a club that means the world to him, one so important that, according to Paddy, its colours adorn his bed-space.

“He’s a fan, he’s watched players come and go at Celtic and he’s wanted to be like them,” Roberts said. “He’s lived that dream. He loves the club, I think he’s got Celtic duvets … he’ll kill me for saying that.”

Doubtless it’s a slightly embarrassing thought … but then we’ve all slept in Celtic sheets, have we not?

(Come on, there’s no shame in admitting it!)

But no player who wears a club duvet on his bed will be in any great hurry to leave, and especially not when history is there to be made, in a few years’ time.

Imagine you were a footballer good enough to play for Celtic.

As a fan, as someone who cared, that would be enough reason to stay there for as long as you could. Imagine, though, you were someone right out of the top bracket as a player, someone who could go play anywhere, someone capable of driving the team forward, as Kieran does, even from left back?

With ten-in-a-row in sight, would you really want to go?

Imagine the joy of celebrating that, on the pitch, on the day, in front of the best fans in the world?

The thought makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and I don’t even have a Celtic duvet!

(Not anymore anyway! Not for a few years haha!)

The bitterness that crept out at the end of Parks article this morning was manifest, and the barbed suggestion that Tierney should be looking to get out fast is a product of wishful thinking. This kid will be captain one day, especially if Armstrong decides to follow the money as many of now expect.

Kieran will be a Celtic legend, and I think that’s all he really wants to be.

The money will be there too, of course; this kid will make a healthy living over the next fifteen years wherever he decides to play, and it has nothing to do with lacking ambition or retreating into a comfort zone.

It’s for the reason Patrick Roberts came back in the first place, the reason Brown has been here long enough for a testimonial, the reason players such as Lustig came and stayed and are now part of the furniture. The reason you put a Celtic duvet on your bed.

It’s an act of love.

Kieran Tierney is one of our own.

And I reckon he’ll be here for the long haul.

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