No Wonder Sevco Is A Shambles. Their Fans Are Obsessed With Fluff.

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So the big talking point on the Sevco fan forums today is Leigh Griffiths’ nose and what came out of it. I there is ample footage of footballers wiping their beaks on club flags before, but no-one cares. It is the definition of a non-story and a non-event.

Now some are saying he could have “caused a riot.”

Seriously? I would suggest that anyone who was moved to riot by the sight of a guy with the sniffles is in need of serious help and ought not to be allowed into football. When do we stop pandering to these people and their stupidity? When does some break out here?

Leigh Griffiths was blowing his nose. That’s it.

There’s no story here.

The fact he wiped it on stuff that got thrown onto the pitch should tell you there was nothing in the incident where he got his snotters on a corner flag; any effort to blow that up into something more is nonsense. For Gods sakes, these people need to get some sense of proportion.

Instead we are reminded again and again that the Sevconuts don’t do proportion. They hate everyone and so everything they see and hear from elsewhere has to be filtered through their own prejudices. So of course Leigh’s simple action was about disrespect. Of course Brown was throwing elbows. Of course the ref was biased against them.

It can’t just be that their team is mince and this is all desperate deflection.

They are such fools.

Their forums today are filled to the brim with nonsense.

There’s an entire four page thread on one of them, ranting like maniacs, because some of their players sportingly congratulated ours after the game. I am not joking. Their disgust over that is palpable. It, like Griffiths’ runny nose is a non-issue but they are expending such energy on it. Other threads are about the growing belief in their fan base that refs are out to get them … a quite ridiculous assertion as anyone who watches Scottish knows well.

Answer me this; how the Hell did Morelos stay on the park yesterday for his Kung Fu kick on our keeper after he’d already been booked?

Refereeing conspiracy? Don’t make me laugh.

Had he been playing in another game, wearing another shirt, he’d have been gone.

Their fans need to focus. They need to concentrate on what their own problems are, instead of fantasising about grand conspiracies.

Those grand are easy to cling to, because they think that if they can somehow track these to their source (I’ll give them a clue; La La Land) they can unravel all of this and be the biggest club in Scotland.

Fantasy, all of it, and for them a dangerous fantasy because it stops them from looking at what matters. They are miles us. There are no easy answers to the myriad questions they ought to be asking themselves. The best thing they can do is adjust to this situation, accept it as the norm for a while and work to better their club.

This obsession with catching us is killing them.

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