Now Sevco’s Online Hate Mob Is Targeting The Young Woman From Show Racism The Red Card.

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Yesterday I wrote a lengthy article on Show Racism The Red Card, and the way the organisation treated Phil McGiollabhain.

Tonight, I’ve learned that there is now an orchestrated hate campaign against Nicola Hay, the young woman pictured with Phil, after two Sevco fan forums published articles about her. This is abhorrent behaviour, but not surprising.

Not content with trying to further damage Phil’s own reputation, they are now shamelessly determined to destroy hers and force her out of her job at the same time. These gutless wonders are never more up for it than when they can terrorise someone.

I think the way SRTRC tried to distance themselves from Phil was a colossal error of judgement from the organisation. They didn’t save themselves any trouble in doing so, because as we’re all aware when you show weakness to the gutter rats they are emboldened and that’s exactly what’s happened here. The articles on the Sevco fan sites want more blood on the walls, hers specifically, and they are demanding she quits or is fired.

I also hear there’s a major amount of abuse flying at her on social media. The people responsible for it should be found and prosecuted. Those who’ve written those shocking articles have really gone too far this time.

What kind of people are these, hiding behind user names and trying to bend the rest of the world into a gnarled shape of their own choosing? Who are these gutless wonders? What world do these people actually live in? Not ours, that’s for sure.

They should be shamed for all time by the way they treat people like Nicola Hay.

This is a girl who’s dedicated herself to making a better world; you can think what you like about the way SRTRC handled recent events and even question some of their past decisions, but the objectives are decent and humane and the commitment of their staff is awesome.

This isn’t about their agenda or what you think of it. They are an anti-racism charity. That they are on the side of the Good Guys should not be in the slightest doubt. But to Sevco sites they became The Enemy the moment Phil was photographed with them. Their forums are gleeful over what they see as a victory over him; that makes their desire to see this girl run out of her job all the harder to stomach, all the more difficult to stand.

My central complaint yesterday was that Show Racism The Red Card had misunderstood the kind of people they were dealing with, people who are not amendable to reason, people who don’t have any interest in change or growth, people content to wallow in the gutter. Tonight I think they have a clearer understanding of that … and yet I think Nicola will remain an optimist, and I am sure she’ll keep on doing what she does. She’s an admirable woman.

The way they’re treating her is just disgusting, but that’s just who they are.

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