Date: 12th September 2017 at 1:43pm
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When I wrote the other day of how Sevco fans should support Celtic’s call for in inquiry into events that transpired from 2011 to the present day, I didn’t exactly have high expectations that they would do so. It was never likely.

For much the same reasons as they ignored our warnings about Whyte and Green in the first place, they were never likely to back this; they dislike the messenger and they dislike the message even more. Lawwell is their Public Enemy Number 1. There is no way in Hell they were ever going to back him, no matter how much benefit it brought them.

That blindness, that foolishness, that short-sightedness is what’s killing their club and it played a huge part in what killed Rangers.

Celtic fans fought a war with our own board to save our club in 1994. Celtic fans were pro-active and did what had to be done. The results are what we can see today; a vibrant, wealthy, powerful institution which has endured and triumphed. But imagine it had not been so. Imagine that instead of Fergus, a bunch of chancers had gotten their hands on us and had milked us for what they could get and then liquidated it all.

I know enough about my fellow Celtic fans to know they would never have stopped fighting until justice had been done and those responsible brought to book. I know that my own reaction would have been to devote the better part of the rest of my life to that goal.

I cannot fathom why Sevco fans have not got the stomach to do the same. Perhaps it’s because they do genuinely believe that their club survived; that is another one of the many ways in which the Survival Lie makes them weaker, not stronger.

But that can’t be the only answer.

Because as they are fond of reminding us, as they are found of screaming in our ears and wailing to the world, they have suffered as a result of what happened. They lost a colossal amount, even if you accept their stupid concept of continuation.

Their club was out of the top flight for half a decade. They were out of Europe for a half dozen years. They lost an entire squad of players and millions in earnings.

The SFA and the SPL helped Craig Whyte do that to them. They knew what he was up to, and they supported it and lent him assistance. They lied to everyone, but to the Rangers fans most of all. Amongst other things, they encouraged those fans to believe in a wholly unrealistic expectation that HRMC would support a CVA … that cost those fans crucial information, at a time when there was still a chance for them to get together and save the club.

The SFA and the SPL knew Whyte’s plan was liquidation. They assisted him. They covered up their knowledge of that and have been lying about it ever since. An inquiry would firmly identify them as the guilty men, who are still within reach. Forget about Whyte; the CPS had its chance, took its shot, and missed. They’ll never get another. Regan and Doncaster can be still be held to account. They can still be made to pay the consequences.

Instead of pressing for that, Sevco fans are celebrating Regan’s contempt for Scottish football supporters and them in particular. And like the media who blatantly allowed Regan to lie to them yesterday these people deserve everything they get.

They are pathetic. They lack the heart, even now, to do any heavy lifting even when it’s our club that will do the bulk of it. No matter Whyte and others thought they could ride into town, graft them and then stroll into the sunset with millions.

These gullible clowns were begging for it. They still are.

When the next group of chancers comes along, making big promises, and with these people in charge at Hampden, they will be ripe for another good using. Maybe then they’ll learn. Maybe then they’ll get the point.