Pedro’s Pathetic Hard-Man Act Is A Deflection From His Weaknesses As A Manager.

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Yesterday after the game, Pedro Caixinha proved once and for all that he is a ranting idiot who’s credibility is shot. The Ibrox job will wreck his reputation in more ways than one. His display in front of the media was completely unhinged. What kind of manager, what kind of professional, goes in front of the press after a game and says if he’d been on the park he’d have personally sorted out the opposing team’s captain?

Honest to God, that’s woeful stuff. This man is a clown. He has zero etiquette. He has no respect for other people. He is, in fact, a perfect encapsulation of the club he represents; for the first time since he was appointed I know how he convinced them to hire him. He is, in many, ways, exactly the sort of manager a desperate club labouring under its own profound identity crisis and a crippling inferiority complex required.

How disappointed they must be that he isn’t better at the job.

A football managers’ role is to win games. That’s what I’ve always thought, and I’m fairly sure it’s what the Sevco directors believed when they hired him.

Today a lot of media focus is on Leigh Griffiths’ bogies – give yourselves peace, Sutton and English in particular; one of you thinks it is conduct unbefitting a Celtic player and the other thinks wiping your nose is a disciplinary offence; seriously, get a grip the pair of you – and others want to focus on our captain getting involved in a touchline spat with this eejit, but few people have pointed out that had Caixinha stayed in his dugout there would have been nothing to talk about and nothing to see.

Let me put it another way; if Neil Lennon had behaved like that, he’d have been on the front pages and the hang him and flog him brigade would have been orgasmic at the opportunity the situation had presented to them.

But this isn’t Neil Lennon, and so some of the press has decided to turn the spotlight onto Brown himself, and if that doesn’t work they’ll focus on Leigh.

The real story, of course, is the pretend hard-man in the Sevco dugout, the Raging Bullshitter, who’s comments were not designed to do anything more than provide convenient excuses for his own utter ineptitude. Three games against Brendan now have resulted in three defeats and the loss of nine goals. Seven of those were at home.

His team is currently sitting at fifth in the SPL. They are a point behind Hibs, three behind St Johnstone, six behind and eight behind us. After just seven games. They are a mere point ahead of Motherwell and only two in front of Hearts, who’ve already sacked a manager, of course. It doesn’t get more damning than that.

No-one really believes that spectacle of insanity yesterday had even the first thing to do with Scott Brown; it’s the desperate ranting of a desperate man, a guy who knows time is running out, a guy who at one stage yesterday was down on his haunches peering into the middle distance, doubtless wondering why he traded tax free earnings in Doha for the humiliation of being humbled again by Brendan’s football juggernaut.

sites are similarly deluded, many choosing to focus on the same trite nonsense the media is putting out there about Brown and Griffiths when their biggest problem is still staring them in the face, the snarling visage of a manager who really does believe all this “James Bond on a jet-ski” garbage the slavering sycophants in the press box were writing about him when he arrived in this country with absolutely nothing of note on his CV.

As long as they keep giving this guy a free pass – and all this attention seeking preys on their inherent stupidity and is designed to keep the lunatic fringe onside – they will continue to suffer these routine humiliations.

Caixinha is not stupid, in spite of taking a job that is like a slow version of career suicide. He knows exactly what he’s doing with this big talk … but it is grossly irresponsible and if, as some believe, Leigh Griffiths should be disciplined because he wiped his nose then surely this guy has brought the game into far greater and in the midst of a fixture which doesn’t need petrol poured onto the flames. The last time Scott Brown was at Ibrox some nutcase from the stands ran on to attack him; the press and others would like us to forget that.

Caixinha is trying to paint a target on Scott’s back. It is despicable.

Brown was peerless yesterday. I thought he was, quite simply, the on the park by a mile. That’s what gets up Caixinha’s hooter more than anything else; his own midfield generals were owned by our captain yesterday. They had no answer to Scott’s running and tackling and reading of the game. They were outclassed by a vastly superior player.

And Pedro himself was made to look stupid by another managerial masterclass from Brendan who didn’t even need to field Dembele or our big signing from this summer, preferring to keep those guys for the much more important game on Wednesday.

Yesterday Caixinha played his best … and they weren’t nearly good enough.

I’ve seen managers lose it after defeats, but never before have I seen one engage in such an obvious attempt to play to the Goon Gallery to deflect from the all-too obvious failings of his own team and his own tactical approach.

Some commentators are saying the relatively low scoreline was a mark of how much the team has improved under Caixinha; they can believe that as long as they like. I hope they stick with that view right up until the moment the guy gets his jotters.

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