Date: 12th September 2017 at 9:48am
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Stewart Regan’s series of interviews yesterday were an exercise in deception and duplicity.

The media lapped them up as if they were cold beer on a hot day.

The contempt you feel for the media grows daily during this outrageous series of events; it’s plain for all to see that Regan and the SFA are involved in a cover-up of massive proportions … and yet the press continues to soft soap this and give him an easy ride.

Yesterday was nothing but an easy ride.

Regan betrayed his brazen disdain for the fans yesterday with some of his comments; he can talk all he like about 108 clubs (there are only 42 in the professional game; he dragooned the amateur leagues into his argument to hide behind them; I mean, Jesus) but nowhere did he think at all about the ordinary supporters, who he couldn’t give a toss about.

But I think his dodging and weaving, his obfuscating, and even his outright lying betrayed something more; it betrayed a contempt for the media which is almost on a par with our own. He knows they are spineless and toothless and many have their own reasons for not wanting an inquiry to go ahead and so he can lie to them with impunity.

He knows they’ll do the sum total of nil about it, because he has them by the short ones with the way he’s turned this into a Parkhead v Ibrox issue; none of the main papers will take up our cause because that means exposing themselves to criticism that they are campaigning for title stripping.

He treats the media like mugs, manipulating them with an ease that should be embarrassing to every single one of them.

His assertion about 108 clubs supporting him was a ridiculous one.

Even more ludicrous were his claims that Campbell Ogilvie played no part in the Nimmo Smith case, when each and every person who studied that series of events knows full well that Ogilvie – and covering for Ogilvie – was right at the heart of it.

Ogilvie didn’t have to take part … the whole thing was built to shield him.

Tom English says Peter Lawwell has been “isolated” by this; it is, indeed, a bang up job from Regan and his corrupt cohort.

But English blithely ignores the wishes of tens of thousands of Scottish football fans.

I understand that. He isn’t one of us. He doesn’t give a monkeys what you or I think, because he hasn’t paid to watch a match in years. He has no stake in the game. He is a parasite leeching off the edges, and that he works for the national broadcaster makes his stance all the more sickening.

Lawwell appears to be the only person at the top of Scottish football who realises something here stinks and isn’t content to hold his nose and hope that it goes away. Instead of highlighting how “isolated” he is the media might want to focus on how craven and cowardly the rest of Scottish football appears to be … themselves included.

Stewart Regan is no genius. If this was a crime caper he’d have been in the jail for leaving a trail of evidence behind him five minutes after the opening credits, but he’s apparently way too smart to be “figured out” by these eejits.

He has played them for fools.

And in accepting it, they’ve proved that’s exactly what they are.