With His After Match Report, Chris “Union” Jack Hits Bottom And Keeps Scraping.

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Last night, Chris Jack penned one of the finest articles I’ve read on the match at the weekend. No, I mean it, it was superb. If you were looking for an example of delusional and denial of reality then this was just what the doctor ordered.

Before the match he had bucked the journalistic trend right across the spectrum by being the one and only to predict that Celtic would not win the game – he took a 1-1 draw – and in the aftermath he is alone in clinging to the fantasy that it wasn’t a big deal.

His article today is 99 flavours of nonsense in a single piece.

He has claimed – ridiculously claimed – that the defeat “wasn’t costly” for the club. Oh yeah? Tell that to the who already believe the embryonic title challenge is already over. Tell that to his fellow hacks who have rightly started talking about when the manager goes instead of it. The is enough but there’s a psychological effect to this, the third time Caixinha’s team has been beaten by our club without laying a glove on us.

Jack went on to say that Sevco won’t even be concerned by the six point that separates them from Aberdeen, as there is plenty of time to make that up too, but that depends on two things which appear unlikely … Aberdeen going through a crisis at the exact moment Sevco goes on an extended winning run.

This is a manager who has not won three games on the bounce and here Jack is talking about a spell where they can win eight or nine in a row … at the same time as he points out that it doesn’t look likely to happen.

So how exactly are they going to secure their objectives of “second spot and some silverware”?

This is all just bonkers.

As I said earlier, before the weekends game he had predicted a 1-1 draw. His rationale for that was non existent. He even wrote this classic line; “The Light Blues are better equipped to deal with Celtic than they were when they crashed to a 5-1 on home soil last term, but they may not be good enough to emerge victorious.”

Yes, he actually thought they may even be capable of winning the match.

When I posted the full text of his prediction on Facebook people actually thought it was a joke.

His reason for believing this was that the club needed the lift.

Today’s article contains this gem:

“Supporters had every right to look at the first six league outings leading into the meeting with Celtic and expect the Gers to be sitting with maximum points.”

had every right to expect maximum points out of those games? Is he serious? That may well be the most arrogant nonsense I’ve read in a long time. When is he going to get it through his nut that they are a sub-par team?

This was his take on Pedro himself. “He is friendly and personable yet has a fiery streak.”

He may have started out “friendly and personable” but you cannot listen to this guy these days without seeing that he’s disintegrating into lunacy and paranoia. His tough guy act is wearing thin, even though it’s a lot of fun to write about.

Jack will never bore me either. He is so completely outside of reality that he is ever a pleasure to read and to critique. You wonder how someone can be this dense and still have a job in a difficult to crack industry like the media.

“It’s all about opinions,” is the refrain I often hear.

Six year old’s have opinions too.

And all of them make more sense than what Chris “Union” Jack writes for a living.

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