A Warchest For The New Sevco Boss? When Does Our Media Wise Up And Ask Who’s Paying For It?

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Our really are too dumb to have jobs.

What is the matter with these people?

Does logic cease to exist the second you walk through the doors of a Scottish press room?

Does the act of doing the job in one of actually shave points off your IQ?

Today, The Daily Record is talking about how the next Ibrox manager will have a war-chest.

And about how the club is even willing to buy out someone’s contract if that’s what it takes to bring in the right man.

And all the money for this is going to come from Dave King’s very own deep , which have been funding the club all along.

Dave King.

Who told a court just this month that he didn’t have the piss, the pot or the window to throw it out. Whose lawyers want a court hearing to establish just how skint he actually is. The word they used – in front of a judge, okay? – was “penniless.”

So, you tell me; where does The Record get this stuff from? I mean, is it that easy to get them to write nonsense? Does one phone call from Jim Traynor or one of his minions really trump every single verifiable fact in the public domain?

is about to post huge for last season … this year’s losses will be immeasurably higher. The club is dependent on soft loans to get it through . There are people at UEFA watching; they will not simply ignore debts piling up year on year without taking action if it violates their FFP regulations, which clearly it does.

The SFA must have its noses pressed to the glass as well, particularly if King is boasting about paying the bills. How can they ignore court room testimony from the man’s own legal team? If he’s reportedly funding the club whilst his lawyers are saying that, when does our governing body step up and ask exactly where the money over there is coming from?

Is the media not remotely interested in how Sevco is surviving in this hand-to-mouth fashion? How do they think the club can spend more and more and more money without there being consequences somewhere down the line?

Have these people learned nothing at all?

They also appear to think that people will be lining up for the job, and indeed some are but it’s all those you would expect; McLeish, McCoist, Davies … unemployed and unemployable together, all scrabbling after a job when no-one else would touch them.

Ask managers already in jobs … McInnes has already ruled himself out. It might well interest Wright at St Johnstone, because he might well be seduced by the hype and the chance to go from Perth to Ibrox, a move that looks like a step up on the career ladder … but in point of fact it might well wind up career suicide. Neither he nor McInnes has ever worked with and if both men are being honest they know the expectation level at Ibrox is bonkers.

All that’s for another time … it’s this talk of the new manager having big money to spend which should have alarm bells ringing and big warning lights flashing.

The media is either leading on the with this or someone inside the club has completely lost the plot. The sources of funding at Ibrox are murky at best, but if they suddenly produce money from the mattress to give to a new manager, when the debt situation must already be horrendous, without the media asking any questions or the SFA wanting to know more the game here is even more bent than I thought it was.

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