After The Weekend, Some Celtic Fans Need To Calm Down And Realise What Brendan’s Doing.

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Much has been said about Celtic’s 1-1 draw with Kilmarnock at the weekend and discussion is fiery on social media and message boards, with many angry Hoops fans venting their spleen about it.

Some of the crap I heard in the stands on Saturday was truly bewildering.

The guy sat next to me shouted “For Gods sake none of this tippy-tappy shite, howf it up to Dembele”.

I didn’t even have the energy to reply to this; I mean – come on.

Howfing it up would clearly have had no benefits to Celtic’s style of play.

I hear this a lot these days, that the slow build-up doesn’t work for us … well overall, it’s been okay so far.

Clearly, Celtic was trying to coax Killie into making a mistake and pounce. It never worked this time, and the result stayed as is and Kilmarnock smelled blood, but just look at our record. More often than not, this will be more than our opponents can handle.

Disappointing? Yes

Disaster? No.

Celtic retained top spot and with the changes we made it was going be difficult.

I don’t buy the philosophy that we should have players good enough to beat them anyway.

Successful sides are ones who play the same starting eleven every other week and have a momentum. Six changes was a lot and probably too much in hindsight but the point was proven when Paddy Roberts limped off and is now out for at least two weeks.

Surely the fans should know that the bigger picture is that Brendan Rodgers was resting key players for the Champions League showdown on Tuesday.

Kilmarnock parked the bus for the majority of the game.

At one point, their midfield and defence was so compact it looked like a 9 man blockade. That’s Steve Clarke’s prerogative to play in such a manner. He’s there to steady the ship and get the Ayrshire side out of the zone.

The reality is – the run will end at some point.

Nobody wants it to but there’s inevitability about it.

Saturday showed how fragile it is and frankly Rodgers sees beyond it.

It’s mammoth; 62 games.

It’s no wonder the record has stood for around 100 years.

Frankly, I’m delighted to be part of it.

I witnessed Rangers dominance in the 90s and I’m revelling in ours.

The “banter” was relentless.

November and December are huge months for Celtic both domestically and in Europe with the Hoops having 14 games in 8 weeks – that’s a game every 4 days effectively including 2 massive Champions League ties away to PSG and at home to Anderlecht.

We need to adopt the attitude of this being the price of success and not moaning about it.

I’ve yet to hear the players bemoan it.

It’s highly likely that we could be playing European football after Christmas which is always a bonus.

Celtic, to their immense credit did it last season winning every domestic game and gaining a credible point away to mega-rich Man City. To do it twice would be an amazing feat.
Whilst I don’t think there’s much between this side and last year’s side I can detect tiredness about our play at times (with exception to Aberdeen last mid-week). The achievement cannot be downplayed by anyone. They may try but we all know it’s in black and white and can’t be reversed.

It would be entirely fitting if Celtic can get to 67 undefeated during this period – which would be on Saturday 2nd Dec at home to Motherwell and would mean being unbeaten three games on a trot to the Steelmen.

At this juncture, Celtic is on course for back-to-back and if it means losing a league game in the process I’d certainly take that.

Enjoy the run of undefeated games whilst we can because it will end and when it does, be positive and thankful that you got to see such a feat.

Gavin McCann is a Celtic blogger from Glasgow who’s still enjoying the unbeaten run.

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