Brendan Tells His English Suitors, And Our Hacks, That He’s Staying At Celtic Park.

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As crisis swirls around another Ibrox manager, it’s good to know that there’s true stability at Celtic Park.

Whether the shambles across town affecting the media’s questioning of Brendan today or if they were doing their usual nonsense I don’t know, but their efforts to stir the soup by linking our boss with a couple of vacant EPL posts were quickly crushed.

Leicester’s sacking of their manager was ridiculous.

The worst thing that happened to that club was their taste of EPL glory. The dreadful treatment meted out to the heroic leader who gave them the greatest day in the history was the start of the slippery slope.

Ranieri deserved better. It was scandalous.

Even unemployed, Brendan would not have looked at that job in light of that kind of decision making; my article earlier talked about how no-one will want the Sevco job because of the shambles over there. Leicester are headed into their own downward spiral, and anyone can see it clearly.

Everton is a bigger job, a better job, and it would be a good “entry level” job for a manager who wanted to go to the EPL. But it’s also a dead end. Everton is not a big club. It is a mid-table team at best, and one that has worked hard to be more mistaking the ability to spend big money with having a big team mentality. Brendan would transform that place … but he’s in the middle of a pretty big rebuilding job home and he knows what the bigger deal is.

Other jobs will come along; do not rule out his former one at Anfield generating discussions before this season ends. Klopp isn’t pulling it together the way many had hoped and as Brendan knows full well there is little appetite there (or anywhere else in England) for patience and letting a man gets his ideas across before the axe falls.

These clubs would be interested in Brendan; any club would.

There is a presumption down south that if a chairman wanted him that he could prise him out of the manager’s chair at Celtic Park by waving a chequebook and promising him the Earth. I know that attitude is prevalent south of the border; it is also the stuff of the Scottish media’s dreams.

And it’s not going to happen. Brendan could not have been clearer about what he wants. He has a four year deal here and the project he’s working on is a long term gig. I would not rule out his being here far beyond that term. This is where he belongs.

He knows it too, and he’s happy about it.

Nice try from the hacks, but he shot them down in flames.

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