Date: 9th October 2017 at 9:01pm
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Pedro Caixinha spoke to the media today and once again stuck his foot firmly in his gob. Honestly, is there another manager in Scotland who talks this much garbage? Believe me, if there was I would write about him. I’d have to. With this guy there is just no end to the nonsense.

Today he said the club has improved over the international break. Yes, there has been a transformation at Ibrox inside of a week. This is ridiculous, but no less ridiculous than his claim that he was glad they had “put in the hours” against Morton … because they play a similar game to St Johnstone, who his team will visit this weekend.

Well isn’t it a good thing his team took care of business in the Morton match, right? How did they do again? Rack up a cricket score did they?

Well, no, actually, as you’ll doubtless remember they drew 3-3.

So what exactly have they been learning? What lessons were there? That Kenny Miller can still do a turn for them? Because he played – and scored – in that game. What should we infer from that? What does it tell us about the likely line up? Not much I’d bet.

The game was also split in three, rather than two. And multiple subsistutions were allowed as a result. So I’m curious about what lessons from that he takes into a match with halves and where only 3 changes are permitted? Is this football or something else?

Did the media ask him about Ryan Jack? Notice the absence of any reporting on the red card? It doesn’t matter of course – Jack was banned from Friday’s game anyway because of his prior red, in a competitive game – but I do find the silence curious.

Celtic does not take the field until Saturday; wait for the stories about how Sevco’s “momentum” can close the gap and “put us under pressure.” Man oh man, you could write the stories for these muppets, they are so predictable.

And Pedro? Well, he’s just bonkers.

The man is literally on another planet.

Brendan Rodgers will not be quaking in his boots any time soon.