More Problems For Sevco As Their Latest Glamour Friendly Ends In Farce And Disgrace.

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Sevco played another glamour friendly today, a closed door match against the might of Greenock Morton. Remember how were supposed to be playing Benfica? Well, as alternatives go you want a game that presented you with a challenge.

Morton certainly provided that.

The match ended in a 3-3 draw. I guess should think themselves didn’t go toe-to-toe with the Portuguese giants. From all accounts Caixinha has been working on their defending all week; you can tell that it did a lot of good, right?

He really is a joke. Their club really is a mess.

In addition to this, Ryan Jack got sent off. Again.

This is his third time since signing for the club, and although some of their fans think this is hilarious and the proof that he “gets it” his behaving like a ned only hurts them as their more cerebral supporters must be well aware. He has clearly bought into the whole Caixinha philosophy of “ for the team.”

The problem is he takes it very literally.

Jack plays in the defensive midfield role. That requires players to be tough tacklers, ball winners, battlers. It needs a certain amount of dig. He clearly has that, but he lacks the control that sets the good players in that position apart from the rest.

The Daily Record’s take on the game was interesting. focussed on the fact Kenny Miller scored one of the Sevco goals. This is him “returning to form.” They omitted the Jack red card entirely; I guess they don’t want questions about that arising.

Imagine this were Scott Brown. Imagine it were his third red card of the current campaign, and yes this is a and not a competitive fixture … ask yourself what of player gets sent off in a closed door bounce game anyway?

Yes, if this was Brown you’d be about it alright.

’d have it slapped all over the front pages of the papers.

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