Sevco Calls An Emergency Board Meeting To Deal With Pedro. It’s Almost Over.

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According to reports just leaking into press, Sevco has called an emergency board meeting to discuss the future of the manager. I think that’s the last gasp. I think it’s over. The only question will be where the money is coming from to sack him.

Last night felt like one of those evenings. From here on in it’s a matter of time, although I suspect it has always been that, from day he was hired. But the countdown clock is now ticking loudly. Even if he survives the day we’re almost at the end.

Caixinha has been a disaster for club, but he has not been the only disaster. Others at Ibrox are just as guilty. He was allowed to squander a lot of money this summer, when there were already serious doubts about his ability as a boss. If were as ready to fall on their swords as they are to push managers onto them, we’d see a show.

There is always something unedifying about a manager being given his jotters. vultures are already hovering here. They are getting ready to start picking the bones. Ex Ibrox bosses are lining up to take shots, doubtless hoping to get the job in front of him. is probably preparing to make his own step up; when press said yesterday that he was a “shock candidate” for the job I laughed, as it’s been the sole focus for him and others for months.

I don’t feel least bit of sympathy for Pedro Caixinha. He will go, when he does, having elevated the level of nonsense in our game here to spectacular heights. Nor do I fear whomever they bring in; the entire club is a paranoid nightmare. There is no long term vision to speak of. Where is the Director of Football in this? He was appointed amidst much fanfare but is utterly invisible as this crisis rolls on. There is no leadership there to speak of.

Where club will find the money is the real question, but it looks very much like they’ve got to the tipping point where they realise things can’t go on as they are.

But at Ibrox crisis is never behind you, it’s just on other side of the wheel, coming round again. This guy has wasted money they didn’t have and is set to cost them even more. Any new boss will struggle because, quite simply, there’s nothing left to spend.

This is going to be a very interesting day.

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