King’s Lawyers Want A Hearing To Establish That He’s Skint. Have They Lost Their Minds, Or Has He?

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Dave King’s legal team made an amazing request today, in the court case between the Glib and Shameless one and the Takeover Panel.

After telling the judge that he is “penniless” – think about that for a second and try not to laugh – they then suggested that before he returns a verdict that the judge convene a hearing in which they will try to prove that. Are they mad, or is King?

First, this reminds me of the amazing cartoon in Michael Moore’s Bowling For Columbine where the narrator highlights the difference between the guy who says “I work at Walmart and make no money …” and the slaves who made “no money … zero dollars, nada, zip …”

Let’s face it, there’s a world of difference between saying you can’t find £11 million to make an offer for a football club’s shares and saying “I don’t so much not have a pot to piss in as that I simply haven’t got the piss” which is what his legal team said today.

And they want a hearing … to prove that?

Let me tell you, the Takeover Panel lawyers will not need to work terribly hard to prove that is nonsense. “Would you empty your pockets, Mr King?” would do for starters. If he has enough for a bus ticket in there that’s the end of the hearing.

Or, and this is a radical suggestion I know, especially when dealing with Ibrox, why don’t they check out the club’s last two annual reports, where he brags on how much he’s “invested”? Why don’t they read back through the reams of newsprint which boasted about how rich he was and how much he was going to sink into the club?

And this wasn’t just journalist flights of fancy like Chris Jack splurging all over his column in tumescent delight; some of this nonsense came right out of Dave King’s own stupid, lying mouth. You could quite literally string this guy up with his own words.

No lawyer in the world would have done this without running it by the client first; in fact, I can say quite safely that no lawyer would have made such an offer unless instructed to. King has lost the plot completely in daring them to do this. He has to be fairly confident that they won’t bother; imagine for a second that they ask him to open his books?

Who but a madman would provoke trouble like this? I guarantee you that every other member of the Sevco board was cringing today when they heard this. The man is now clearly a huge liability to the club; that can no longer be denied.

Sevco fans are wrapped in denial so tight I am amazed they can breathe. Whether he is skint or not no longer matters; he’s put it on the record, in a courtroom, that he has no money. The first time he does spend any on them he is in great legal peril.

When does the SFA jump into this?

Are they really going to just sit on the sidelines and watch this farce unravel?

It’s over for this guy.

I’ve already started writing his Scottish football obituary.

It is a matter of time before it goes live, online.

The countdown clock is ticking.

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