Date: 11th October 2017 at 4:12pm
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At the time of writing this Chelsea has a manager. His name is Antonio Conte. He was last season’s title winning boss. He also signed a new deal, in spite of newspaper innuendo which said that he and Roman Abramovich had reached a critical point in their relationship and that there was no way back. Conte is under no pressure at the club. The chance to walk would have come in the summer if he had wanted to do it. As I’ve said, he is still there.

At the time of writing this Celtic’s manager is Brendan Rodgers. Now, he may well have resigned by the time I post this, or been fired, but that looks highly unlikely. But just in case, I’ve just checked my phone and all the various web-pages.

Yep. Still at Celtic. Still with a four-year deal.

So where is the merit – any merit at all – in The Daily Record’s story, filed under the usual byline that accompanies tales that even by their grubby standards are fit only for the term Unsubstantiated Pish, “Record Sport Online”? As I always say, when nobody at that newspaper wants to put their name to something then you know it’s absolute bollocks.

Answer: there is no merit in it at all.

The article doesn’t even pretend that there is. They have him as “third favourite with the bookies.” For a vacancy that doesn’t exist. Based on no information whatsoever. The report claims that it’s sources say a shortlist has been drawn up and that Brendan’s name is on it; I daresay if any club in England was drawing up a managerial shortlist his name would be on it.

What do they want for that insight? A Pulitzer Prize?

The idea that Scotland’s favourite brand of decorative bog roll has “sources” inside Stamford Bridge is laughable anyway. These people didn’t know the Craig Whyte era at Ibrox was crumbling until the bricks started hitting them on the head. They have missed every major news story of note up here in sport in the last five years … but they are extraordinarily well informed about goings on at one of the biggest clubs in England, right?

Wrong. Nope. Not buying it.

But just in-case, let me check again.

Yep. Conte still at Chelsea. Brendan still at Celtic.

I can safely say that you can wipe your metaphorically backsides with this one in the knowledge that it will never be needed for the historical scrapbook.