Vladimir Weiss And The Sevco Fan’s Disgraceful Twisted Logic.

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Last night, after the game ended, someone sent me a couple of links to fan site threads, where the subject was ex-Rangers Vladimir Weiss, who came on as a substitute in the game, ran around like a headless chicken for a few minutes and then went off, in defeat, with the rest of his team.

His appearance at Hampden was not noteworthy in any way; he is not a great footballer, and there was no danger to the team in his coming on.

The fan forums were angry, however. They were angry with two things. First that he did not use his time on the park to scythe down Leigh Griffiths … and secondly that the Tartan Army “booed the player”, which they clearly interpreted as being a statement on them.

Think for a moment about the perverse logic; they are angry that the Tartan Army booed an opposition player because he once played for their club, but they would have had no problem had that same player seriously injured a Scottish international because he plays for ours.

You could not invent that. As an example of twisted logic it is too ridiculous to be anything but real. Whenever you think these people hit bottom they find a way to appal you, to go lower still, to find the true point where they hit bedrock and keep heading down.

Weiss was one of their poster boys when he was at Ibrox, back when there was a club called Rangers scraping about. He signed for them on a one season deal and immediately endeared himself to their stupider fans with a specious claim that he had been tracked by Celtic and turned us down.

He quickly proved to be One Of Their Own, getting seriously into the whole Peepul nonsense almost at once.

With an IQ that couldn’t a single watt bulb that was not surprising.

During the summer, he successfully trolled a lot of ’s online followers with a few cryptic tweets; that anyone paid attention to such obvious attention seeking, far less got involved in it to the extent they were seriously disappointed when it went nowhere, is telling in itself.

That he retains some affection of the old club and thereby buys into the ridiculous narrative of the Survival Lie hardly needs pointing out … but that some of their fans were clearly disappointed that his first reaction on taking the field wasn’t to hunt down one of our players … only the most perverse minds could have actually thought that he might.

This nonsense emanating from their supporters today, accusing the Tartan Army of booing him just because he’s an ex-Rangers player … please. It’s pitiful. Remember when they used to sing “No-one like us, we don’t care?” Well they don’t half spend a lot of time worrying about it these days, and apparently the hypocrisy of wishing the national team and its players ill and then moaning because the supporters don’t love them never even sinks in.

What can you say?

It takes the breath away.

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