Date: 12th November 2017 at 2:41pm
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There is a concerted smear campaign in progress in the press against Celtic.

Now we know that there has been an anti press agenda against Celtic for decades, however this has been in line with the old club of Ibrox being in existence and cheating to win.

The press campaign against Celtic raised it’s head in the past when we shouted about blatant cheating by referees (David Syme, Hugh Dallas) or the SFA using influence to assist the Ibrox club (Jorge Cadete registration).

Back then it lasted as long as it took to get them back on the back or front pages, or to move us there for something negative, and all was well for them.

However now we are the best, by a long damned way; in effect, we are the only game in town.

The hacks, the SFA, all of them, they cannot take it.

Even the English press, who pay zero notice of Scottish football usually are talking about a Celtic team who are history makers. People in Europe are sitting up and taking notice. We have a top class manager, and they are furious that Brendan won’t bow down and say he wants to be back in the EPL.

So what do they do?

They have to take the shine off us, they have to do everything in their power to tell the world that the EPL is still the big game, that money does mean all and its not about glory or love of the game or club. They try to unsettle us however they can.

So they use all their press contacts and mouth pieces, Cascarino, Barton to disparage us and the game, and in the meantime, our press scum have been trying to manufacture any crisis or negative story they can, as they did through the BBC recently.

Today’s story is that we’re being sued by the family of a fan who died during an international match.

Celtic are not accepting any liability. The story that we improved safety after the incident is being held us as proof we were sleeping on the job the whole time. It is actually common practice for organisations to try and learn from accidents past, and to take measures in the aftermath. The press knows this full well.

None of this stuff is going to work.

The week just past saw them trump up the comments of a nonentity ex player of ours and one who was never even good enough, in yet another in a long line of efforts to make people believe that our achievements aren’t to be acknowledged for what they are.

Make no mistake they are running scared, they don’t just see history makers they see progress and are shitting themselves that, with our pull, and our manager, we are only going to get better.

In business there’s something called SWOT analysis; you examine Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

We have always been a threat to the EPL, which is why they won’t invite us. But as a European league grows more likely so too our shadow starts to loom larger. If they don’t know this then they are stupid.

We are a bigger club than most down there, with a bigger support.

All this negativity does though is drive us on; do they really think Brendan and the board aren’t using all this stuff to motivate our players?

Bring it on, people. Bring it on.

In the meantime, the media continues to fantasise about how the next Sevco boss might raise them to a level to challenge us.

Yeah, we’ll see.

What’s that saying? Oh aye … we welcome the chase!

David Campbell is a happy Celtic fan, in spite of a media campaign that is reaching fever pitch.